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Jun 29, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further to my article on day twenty two…7. THE LAW OF SATURATION


We will receive the information of wisdom when we are ready to make an inner change and not before; because the mind only accepts new options when it is saturated with the previous ones. Therefore, this information is for those who do not need to suffer further.

When a person finally becomes convinced of the futility of fighting against life’s circumstances that they cannot change, and they feel overwhelmed by the dreadful results they obtain – either in their relationships, in their health or in their finances, or they are bored with what they are doing and desperate with the place where they live, that is, when they are overburdened with suffering, conflicts failures or ailments, they will be ready to accept new information, and will no longer put up with resistance to inner change.

Then they will be able to make headway with their process of spiritual development.

The mind becomes saturated after it has discovered that opposition and suffering are futile. It is only then that is ripe to receive new information that will lead it to obtain successful results. No one succeeds in transcending suffering without having suffered.


Everything that happens to us in life we have generated ourselves. Human beings have a great creative capacity and they “design” their own life experience by building their mission little by little and, without knowing it, by weaving the plot of their own destiny, which arises as a result of them arguing with everything that they do not accept and cannot yet understand..

At each instant we are building our future. Everything that has been created in our mind – consciously or unconsciously – manifests as the reality in which we live.

All creation begins with a thought or an idea that is then translated into the related actions, with everything that was previously created in a person’s mind by their thoughts and imagination manifesting in their life in a mathematically exact manner.

However, the generation of the external circumstances is governed by the Laws of Evolution and Correspondence, whose purpose is for the person to change their conception about life and adopt a new behaviour in the circumstances that life presents them with so that they can succeed in understanding and accepting what they are missing.

When we understand that nothing and no one can harm us, but that it is we who generate all our life circumstances, we can start right there creating a new life.

In order to do that we need to learn to acquire a taste for everything we do and to see the value of every experience we have; particularly the most difficult ones. In other words, it is a question of enjoying learning until we achieve invulnerable peace, total happiness and the constants expression of love towards all people and all things.

Our thoughts, words and deeds today are the seeds of the fruit that we will harvest in the future.

What are the seeds that we are sowing today in thought, word and deed? If we sow within ourselves acceptance, peace, trust, commitment, loyalty, service, enthusiasm, joy, self-confidence, calmness, flexibility, adaption and understanding of the value of the experiences that we have, we will begin to harvest excellent results from now on.

The sequence followed by the Law of Generation is a powerful tool for transforming our lives: the mind’s conception of life generates an inner approach to it; either an attitude of acceptance and appreciation of life, and one of complaint and rejection.

This attitude generates specific thoughts and feelings that are either positive or negative; these cause outer behaviour that is either peaceful or aggressive.

The behaviour produces results that can be verified; they are either satisfactory or conflicted and cause suffering; and verifying the result generages understanding of life and wisdom.

In this last step of the sequence we will discover whether we are full of untruths that we need to discard and change or whether, on the contrary, we are full of virtues and truths that we need to reaffirm.

Generally the personality has a combination of truths and untruths. This sequence demonstrates that as our concept of life begins to change, so does everything outside us.

Success is not possible unless our inner attitude is one of success. Each individual is the generator of all the situations in their life, and other people are the instruments they choose in order to be able to have the experience that they decide to learn.

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