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3-Card Tarot Spreads for Guidance, Clarity, and Advice
Nov 12, 2021

Reading time less than 1 minute

Big things CAN come in small packages

These 3-card tarot spreads are proof - no cap.

A great tarot spread for when all you need is a little guidance, clarity, and advice on a specific situation:

1. Your strengths 2. Your weaknesses 3. How you can progress

This is a great spread for anyone feeling lost in life, or for a time after great transformation & change has presented several opportunities. Get back on track by focusing on your strengths, becoming aware of possible areas with room for improvment, and how to use them to your advantage moving forward.

1. Current situation 2. Obstacle 3. Advice

This spread can help provide insight to a specific situation requiring your attention, moving forward of possible obstacle's or challenges as they pertain to the situation, as well as offer advice on how to proceed.

1. Situation 2. Action 3. Outcome

Last, but certainly not least, this spread is ideal for anyone with a lot going on and feeling confused over where to even begin. Get guided towards the situation that needs your attention above all others at this time, and what specific action should be taken to reach the best possible outcome.

It really doesn't matter whether you are a Tarot beginner having a reading for the first time or a seasoned Querent – a 3-card Tarot reading will give you the crystal clear insight you need. Seriously, you can get super deep with these 3 card spreads!


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