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Jun 7, 2020

Greetings Core Spirit Family

I have spent many hours deliberating this message for the week ahead; as my own heart and soul is feeling extremely burdened.

The entire world is showing cracks. At this point in time, notcountry is actually better off than another!

I live in South Africa, and am certain that if you Google about the current political statusinf our country you will see how it is impossible to be optimistic about anything. I have worked for an organisation for 21 years (Railways).. This is my third month under “lockdown”. I have not received one message from my place of employment to see how I am doing or where what I will be returning to. Current status, there is nothing to return to. Our current regime has brought our Country to a complete standstill (State capture). They have defrauded this beautiful country of billions or rands and are now seeking to use the people of our country’s pension funds to stabilise the economy after lockdown!

They have already bought their million rands cars with what funds they have utilized and still they are clowning around with what does not belong to them.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is that there is a huge crack in the entire world order. Every country in the world is showing signs of corruption. This system is falling whether we want to acknowledge it or not. There is going to be a huge shift in 2020, and it is going to be extremely tough on all of us.

I am aware that a lot of people are going to be returning to their place of work tomorrow and they are feeling extremely overwhelmed. I haven’t been called back to service in my workplace as yet (don’t know if I will be again), but I refuse to lie down and play possum!!

We have all been removed from “A System” for a few months, and here’s the truth! Not all who have been at home will return to the workplace with newfound knowledge and wisdom.

This is a time of trial and tribulation (we are in the Tower energy on the greater scheme of things; and it is collapsing at an alarming rate). We are going to be put to the test to see what we have learnt as individuals during the lockdown. How are YOU going to make the difference in YOUR life and in the lives of those around you?

The cards that revealed the message this week are mostly in reversed position. When in reverse that means we have to work from within ourselves; to change our perceptions of the current circumstances.

We should live our lives of being in the world, and not of the world; we are a part of the Universe and the Universe is a part of us.

“Lift your energy higher than the current situation which will sort itself out whilst you are concentrating on sorting yourself out”.


A card of disappointment, setbacks – a very sad energy, but we are encouraged not to wallow in self-pity. Let’s allow ourselves to go through the motions as this is the process to allowing healing. We are to allow this to be a time of Transformation. Five (5) is the number for change and freedom!

We are halfway there. Hang tight. We can do this!!

King of Pentacles Reversed.

We may have been placing too much emphasis for too long on our financial security. Who we are has very little to do with what we do for a living. We may benefit greatly from exploring some different spiritual traditions and undertakings now. Our minds will be opened as a result, if we allow it.

For myself personally, this card is asking me to weigh up what is the most important in my personal journey on Planet Earth. I have come to realise that My Wealth is not materialistic at all! I fully trust in the Universe to provide for my daily needs and I continue to live my life doing what I was born to do, with absolute faith in myself and My Creator Of All.

Eight of Cups Reversed:

“All that Glitters Is Not Gold”. A card of introspection, searching for a deeper purpose. A card of helplessness, feeling like we cannot cope one more day in our current situation. The truth is; we can! We need to engage more with like-minded people. In fact we need to engage with other humans and learn walk away from that which no longer serves our long-term goals.

The Hanged Man Reversed together with the Judgement Card Upright

We need to pause and see things from a different perspective. Reversed this means that we are busy with things that are distracting us from the actual issues in our lives that need attention.

We are currently in a position where everything has been put on hold, due to other people’s actions! We need to let go of what is as well as what is blocking our progress – letting go of what was.

We will find absolution once we have evaluated and reflected dire circumstances. Judgement is a karmic card. We need to make life altering decisions now! This is a time of Transformation; a time to evaluate our thoughts and to speak our truths.

Let’s remain positive and be brave and strong. We will get there, eventually.

Blessings, love and light

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