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Ways to Cope With a 'Difficult' Family Member

Feb 16, 2020
Olivia Panther
Core Spirit member since Feb 16, 2020
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Everybody has an irritating family member in their family. It can rather be some old person, other relatives, or cousins. These family member activities affect your Health a lot. It doesn’t matter what is your relationship with your “difficult” family member if he or she is a difficult member, he or she will try every technique to make you crazy.

The important part is that you can’t ignore these family members completely since they are your family. But you can learn to deal with this type of irritating people which is also beneficial for your professional life. Instead of getting angry on them you shall follow the below points.

  1. Let Them Who They Are:

Don’t try to change the irritating person as you cannot do this. Accept them the way they are. You must have heard the myth about the scorpion and the frog. In which the scorpion replies at the end :

“I’m a scorpion. It’s my nature,”

The lesson to be learned from this story is, people are who they are. You can’t expect someone to change his or her nature or habits. Just like You can’t expect a scorpion not to sting, even if it hurts itself. Emily Clark, a psychologist at couponsdrive.com says that “You cannot change people’s mind on your own”.

  1. Be present and direct:

Don’t get hyper. A person who is trying to stir up conflict can easily set you off emotionally, and even physically, possibly raising your heart rate and blood pressure. Try to avoid indulging in a fight, as fighting might affect your health. Stay true and be direct. Give your answer in a calm manner. If still, you cannot avoid the person’s attitude, leave the conversation.

  1. Focus on the positives:

Don’t spoil your event or family gathering just because of one person. Don’t let someone ruin your mood and overshadow all the positive experiences you’ve had with your family. Shift yourself to the positive people and avoid interacting with those negative people. Many people put negative people in their minds and ignore the positive ones. Avoid this and focus on the positive ones only.

  1. Don’t get annoyed:

Don’t get annoyed about any type of behavior. Try to smile all the time, so that you can enjoy your gathering or event. Negative people are everywhere and you cannot keep them out. So don’t get annoyed and keep your Blood Pressure under control.

  1. Don’t Talk On Hot Topics:

If you realize that discussing governmental issues or any other hot topic generally wind up in a hot discussion, maintain a strategic distance from the topic. On the off chance that your relative demands talking about it, attempt to change the subject. If still, you can’t change the subject, advance away from him or her by moving to another room or ending the meeting.

  1. Your own well-being comes first:

While you want to be respectful and attentive to others as much as you can, you don’t want to bend over backward or twist yourself into a knot just to make someone else happy or satisfied, or to keep the peace. Never allow any personal interaction or relationship to infringe upon or challenge your own well-being. Visualize your boundaries, that protective territory between you and someone else. No one is entitled to occupy your space unless you invite them in.


Following the above tips, you can cope up with a difficult family member of yours.

Olivia Panther
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