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Apr 10, 2020

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There’s a freedom that comes from learning astrology and understanding your own birth chart…Without knowing one’s own psychological makeup and blueprint, we can only operate in a reactionary and projective type of mode… Before I knew astrology I had been in therapy for years….upset about how insensitive people were to me and brooding about the past…feeling like a weird person for having low self-esteem and being socially awkward ..the freedom that astrology brought me was that I understood myself and my own inner workings…I could finally stop feeling like a victim and start working with my own energy…I realized people weren’t being as insensitive to me as I thought…it wasn’t them, it was my mercury in cancer, which gives me a tendency to be overly sensitive…knowing that, I stopped taking things so personally and feeling rejected…FREEDOM..there wasn’t anything wrong with me socially…I wasn’t an emotionally unattached cold person…I have moon in Capricorn and it takes me a while to warm up to people…FREEDOM…I would have never understood my son without astrology…it brought FREEDOM for me to best guide him into developing into the person that he was born to be instead of me trying to fit my Scorpio son into the “normal box” that society deemed acceptable….without astrology I would have ruined my son’s life….astrology is like the hermit shining his lamp into the darkness, shining a light onto what we cant see …freedom can be yours too if you have the courage to look within and look to the stars…

♥️-The Cosmic 🦉


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