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10 Top Tips for Destroying Rat Race Doctrine
Mar 25, 2023

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  1. Don't worry what others think of you. You will never please them all so don't waste energy trying. Do what you enjoy, find likeminded.

  2. Be kind but not foolish. Many trends and teachings perpetuate the idea of bending your will to others wishes. Wear your iron shirt with confidence say No when you need to.

  3. Be yourself, if that requires getting weird, just do it without self judgement or fear. Keep an air of exploration about your life.
    Embrace the unknown, it might be better than what you know now!

  4. Don't fear the Dark, its your first primal fear so get rid of it and lessen all fears.

  5. Take a Day off, yep don't be a slave to your own yearning for cash. Trust your needs will be met and life itself will take care of you. Have a rest you deserve it.

  6. Destroy so as to create, there's only so much room in one life. Get rid of that household junk and unclutter the mind.

  7. Ignore Main stream Media, its a propaganda device to keep you fixed into an elitist world view. MSM thrives of four F’s. Flight, Fear, Fornicate, Feed. Its a trap selling gore!

  8. Start your own Business, be creative and face the challenges of making your own way in the World.

  9. Love all you do, even if that is being weird, studious, devoted to god or some other entity of your choice. Make life fun not a sense of duty. Be your inner child, your kids will thank you for it.

  10. Be fluent when dealing with self identification, Ego loves to keep us caged in a fixed Image. Change your style frequently, remember what fun it was to dress up, imagine and explore Image.

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