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Natural Foods to Help You Feel Like Your Best Self
Feb 3, 2020

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Are you concerned about your health, longevity, and making sure that you’re living the best life possible? Well, there are many misconceptions about health floating around. However, some of the newer discoveries are proving that one compound is the go-to for healthiness, immunity, and endurance. These compounds are called polyphenols, and they are the building blocks for your overall well-being.

What Are Polyphenols?

Have you ever looked at an apple with its shiny appearance and wondered how it got such a vibrant and beautiful color? The flavor of that juicy apple seems to melt in your mouth. What about the pineapple? Its sweet aroma is tantalizing and its appearance is stellar.

If you’ve considered these things, then you are already familiar with polyphenols. It’s what makes the fruit and vegetables have their bright hue, and it helps give a fruit their sweet, pleasant taste. Polyphenols are plant-based chemicals and they come packed with a whole lot of antioxidants. You can find these plant-based necessities in these food items:






-Cereal Grains

How Polyphenols Are So Beneficial

Why do you need polyphenols? Well, they assist your immune system in the protection of your body’s tissues. They help keep oxidative stress at bay, which comes along with heart issues, fatal diseases like cancer, and inflammation. The benefits of these chemicals are broken down into four groups, they are:


-Heart Health

-Brain Function

-Overall Health

Understanding Oxidative Stress

When it comes to aging, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to develop fine lines and wrinkles. These imperfections cause damage. While you may see cosmetic concerns on the outside, the inside is just as problematic. The aging process brings about oxidative stress, which means you are at a higher risk of developing health problems. The body fights off oxidative damage from birth, but it becomes a more significant problem as you age as the rate of damage is hard for the body to sustain. Additionally, the body can no longer heal itself as it did before.

The oxidative stress that occurs in your body doesn’t just affect your skin. It’s damaging your cells and tissues within the brain. Did you know that your brain function automatically declines as you age because of this damage? However, the good news is that when you consume polyphenols, their antioxidative power goes to work. Neurological issues are complex and can inhibit your quality of life. Things like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are no fun for anyone.

Another primary concern with aging is heart-related issues. Hypertension is one of the biggest concerns for heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, as you age, your arteries fill with a plaque substance that blocks blood flow. It’s also not uncommon for the arteries to become damaged from “wear and tear.” However, polyphenols do something radical within the heart and its arteries. These antioxidants help to promote regular clotting, and it relaxes the blood vessels. Your heart won’t work as hard, and the nitric oxide greatly reduces the plaque build-up that these polyphenols produce.

The Big Three

People have been looking for the fountain of youth almost since time began. However, the key to turning back the hands of time is all in what you eat or the types of polyphenols you consume. Researchers claim that you only need three things to keep your skin looking its best. You need to add these polyphenol foods to your shopping list:

-Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

-Healthy Nuts

-Fruits Filled With Polyphenols

It would help if you altered your diet to consume things that are going to assist the body and not cause further damage. Don’t fall on the bandwagon with fad diets that aren’t going to last. Eating foods rich in polyphenols can make you healthy inside and out.

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