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Jun 20, 2020

Further my article on day Fourteen… “I WANT”:

When we seek something, our personality and our ego lead us to think that we know what is good for us and for others. But in fact we need to inquire in order to find out.

If we act thinking that we know what we need, what do we encounter? Opposition, so that we can see that this is not the way things are. Sometimes we do not recognise that something is not for us and we insist, we blame circumstances or ourselves because we believe that not everyone has the same opportunities. But opportunities are ALWAYS there, it is just that some people take advantage of them, and others do not.

The ego lays blame, we feel full of limitations and we become frustrated. That the result of “I WANT”!

When we desire many things, our personality leads us to create circumstances for our momentary satisfaction, but ultimately we become frustrated because what the ego asks for is never enough; it always wants what it does not have, and however much it has, it always wants something more; because it does not recognise its needs and blames others for its supposed lacks.

“The ego is never satisfied with anything because it is not satisfied with what it has; there will be nothing that can satisfy it”.

Driven by our ego we ask for things to change, we ask for peace, we ask and ask, but things do not happen because we are not following the ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE.

Nothing happens in the way one asks for, it happens in the way it has to happen, but often our ego does not accept that each individual has exactly what they need, and that is why things do not flow and what we get is suffering and frustration. We may even become depressed about not getting what we want, or blame others, which makes the conflict even bigger.


To flow the Law, we suggest using two tools: EXPRESSING GRATITUDE AND VALUING!

Gratitude has a deep purpose of Love. It is not a question of being grateful for difficulties, but for what we learn from them, because that is how we fulfil life’s purpose: Learning to love and be happy.

Expressing gratitude means being able to take advantage of “problems” by seeing them as a learning opportunity.

When we learn to express Gratitude, in the True Sense of the word, our mind is cleansed of all grudges, resentment and blame, as well as any urge to attack. The negative aspects keep us anchored to suffering and to its limiting effect on our actions, that weigh us down both financially and in terms of health.

When we value everything we have, which is exactly what we need, we feel happy because it is extremely valuable. Instead of blaming, we recognise the presence of what can bring us inner peace and happiness.

To value we need only to be aware and observe all that we have: a body, a set of values, five senses, knowledge, a home, food, clothing, family, friendships…When we do not value what we have, or we despise it or complain, we are on the way to losing it, because when “the Law” is applied, if something is of no use to us, it can be taken from us.

Each one of us can flow with the Law and thus transmute our destiny into mission, but to do that we need to express gratitude and value what we have, and love the function we fulfil.


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