The Red Book Channeled Message from January that I stumbled upon in my journal
Jun 29, 2020

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I channeled/wrote this in January in my journal while I was on vacation, sitting by the ocean after meditation. It feels fitting to share right now.

The Red Book By: Carl Jung pages 48, 49, and 207

Everything is heavy. Many have wanted to get help for their sick God and were devoured by the serpents and dragons lurking on the way to the land of the sun. They perished in the over bright day and have become dark men, since their eyes have been blinded. Now they go around like shadows and speak of the light, but see little. But their God is in everything they do not see. Take God with you, then you know where he is.

You gain everything from the God you bear, but not his weapon, since he crushed it. God’s armor will make you invulnerable and invisible to the worst fools.

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