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COVID-19 Stress Relief
May 12, 2020

Stress is the number 1 cause of disease. It breaks down the body’s ability to heal.

But did you know that it’s deeper than that? Here it is – the type of stress and the perception you have of stress is what determines its impact. I’ll say it again, your perception of the stress is what decides whether it will kill you or make you stronger.

When I say kill you, I mean it’s taking you to survival mode. And there is only one road for living in survival mode – that is the road to dying.

So the stress of COVID-19 is not good stress. We agree it’s pretty scary for some and to help put another spin on this turn of events, I will share with you some simple ways to help you feel a little better.

Fear is the biggest cause to stress. So how can you turn your fear into something beautiful?

What’s more beautiful than a random act of service

Help an elderly person you know on your street or nearby. And do something like taking their bins out or bringing them in, raking the leaves, bringing them a box of tissues. Guess what? Your fear has been used for the greater good. It’s changed now because you helped another person who has a deep reason to be in fear to feel a little better. And it was you who brightened up their day.

Panic of not enough food

Turn that into buying an extra couple of items and take it to a food bank. Helping people less fortunate and knowing you have enough to contribute will eliminate the panic.

Disgust of human greed looking in supermarkets and seeing selfishness

Ask yourself what state of mind must they be in to not care for others. They must be in deep fear, stress, panic and so scared of being without, it has driven them to this selfishness and having no regard for anyone else. This is called survival. We all have this within us – just some a lot more than others. Obviously not a reader of my blogs 😉

Anger that you have had to cancel plans, lost business now isolated and stuck inside (fill in the blank for you)

Take a deep breath and say I needed to rest. I needed to slow down. Now ask yourself what do I need to address? What have I let slip and need to get on top of? I chose to feel ok with this (and if you can’t that’s ok too. We can help you).

Judgement is the greatest contributor to human pain. And if we remove our judgment of how others react, the better our world will be.

I recently recorded a video on COVID-19 which is a free immune booster session.


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