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Meditation Snacktime - Fall Colors
In this 15-minute meditation on Fall Colors, aids in our ability to move through changes and life transitions. I encourage you to revisit this meditation any...
Susan Hargett
Conscious Conversations
Conscious Conversations is a platform centred around creating a collective safe space that encourages honest human connection. A place to help us reframe the...
Mmabatho Montse
Mental Detoxification and the Power of Positive Affirmations
Statements and positive affirmations express the existence of the conditions which one wishes to bring about in one’s field of experience. They can help the ...
Max Corradi
7 Minute Intense Money Reiki Healing
What is Money Reiki? Money Reiki is specifically about money. It’s to help you with your ability to earn and manage money more efficiently, in ways that sup...
Jeremiah Gabriel Moultrie
Wishlist Manifestation Tips
A wish list, wishlist or want list is an itemization of goods or services that a person or organization desires.
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Love Analysis
Hello Lovelies, let’s be inspired by love by exploring the connection between Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Love synastry, an astrological relation...
Clarissa Jordan
Mercury Retrograde In Libra 2021 | Karmic Connections, Conflict & Compromises
The Mercury Retrograde in Libra gives us the time to reflect in that space that is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. It is the best time...
Clarissa Jordan
The Problem with Work-Life Balance
In this video, I break down the reasons why trying to achieve a work-life balance can often result in frustration, conflict and confusion. I also propose a b...
Michelle L. Raymond
Resilience Superglue of the Psyche
You know you are having one of those months when the crow’s feet have turned into vulture’s claws, when your sense of humour has completely failed you and yo...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Introduction To Bold & Authentic Living Program
WELCOME To the Introduction of Bold and Authentic(Building the Foundation) Livng 3-Step-Program. I have been eagerly anticipating you! This course is desig...
Karen Tardieu
$285 USD
Intuitive Life coaching for the month of September 2021
This is a one hour video shere i will be giving inutuive life coaching using The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot deck and some astrology updates to give you...
NDE - The Re-Shaping of Other Experiences
In thisepisode I discuss 3 of my 4 experiences in terms of how my near death experiences began to reshape my beliefs about death and other things. I talk abo...
Angela Maroosis
Self-Worth and Performance
How often do we have to prove ourselves to be deemed worthy? In this video, I take a deep look into what Self-Worth actually is and why it should have nothin...
Michelle L. Raymond
$10 USD
Being in this world is challenging, we face battles of all sorts, especially being a Christian dedicated to the journey of Salvation. it can get lonely. I re...
Christine Kahiga
$18 USD
The Humble Divine
An in depth 6-part course on to grow professionally and personally. While addressing powers beyond one’s reach and one’s own individual issues.
Ian Hosein
Humble Divine Intro
Intro material and a little background.
Ian Hosein