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$10 USD
Iris Analysis for Your Health Concern

You are having health challenges?
And tired of trying to figure things out?

There could be multiple reasons.

And it is important to address the root cause. Iris analysis could help me understand where the root cause resides. By knowing this, I could suggest a nutritional protocol to support your body heal the root cause.

I will help you how you could support yoru body to reverse your conditions.

Detox and cleanse sound very familiar these days. They are often advertised as a tool to get your health back. But why and how toxins were accumulated in the body?

When you know the mechanisms, you won't fear the repetitive patterns. Because you know how to prevent toxins to stuck in your body.

I will explain how you could!

Fumie Yamaguchi
$100 USD
healing session

Iridology is a method of studying the iris, the coloured part of the eye, to determine information about a patient’s overall health level. Iridology is a non-invasive way of understanding genetic pre-dispositions, areas of weakness and where health issues may lay or later develop.

Christina Cagnin
$110 USD
healing session
Iridology consultation

During a consultation, a picture of your irides will be taken and can be printed out. Every single sing will be discuss as well as your medical history. Doing so you will be able to discover what system or organ is out of balance, energetically shown the be the weakest link in your body and learn how to nurture it and to restore harmony.

Olivier Sanchez
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