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Eclectic medicine
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Eclectic medicine

Eclectic medicine
$99 USD
Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing marries ancient wisdoms with the very latest neuroscience.
Quantum Healing can help physical issues as well as mental health issues and life challenges.

Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Eclectic medicine
$10 USD
healing session
Certified Medical Intuitive, Healing Touch

I am Dashka Garretson. It is my pleasure to be a part of your journey to wellness as I assist you to heal your pain through energy. I am a RN, empath, clairsentient, intuitive energy healer, medical intuitive and channel. I am a wife and mother, living with my family in Northwest Washington state. I am a RN at the local town hospital since 2008. In 2012, I earned my medical/surgical certification. Through continuing-education for nursing, I discovered and fell in Love with the Healing Touch Program in 2015. I completed the program, and am a Healing Touch certified practitioner. I have studied in great depth with other intuitive healers since 2019. I became a Certified Medical Intuitive end of 2021. In addition to my healing practice, I continue to work full time as a RN on a step-down unit, with emphasis in cardiovascular care.

I have combined the very best of everything that I have learned through my studies of energy and the human body. I listen to your body. Healing sessions with me are specific to your unique health needs. I layer in different healing modalities as I offer personalized assessment of both your physical body and your energy system.

Energy Healing sessions are done by Hands-on body work to clear, connect and balance your Chakras, Biofield and Hara line.
For physical illnesses, I offer tangible solutions that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Dashka Garretson
Eclectic medicine
$60 USD
healing session
Chakra Cleanse and Balance

Feeling out of whack and want to get your energy back in alignment, this service is what you need. I will work through all seven of your chakras and help you clear blockages and welcome balance in your energy centers.
This is energy work, done at a distance. You'll need to set aside the time for our session and have a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down during the session.

Shari, the Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.