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Applied kinesiology
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Applied kinesiology

Applied kinesiology
$450 USD
therapy session
Supporting The Child and Family with Autism Package- 4 Bodytalk sessions

Supporting The Child And Family With Autism Package****

• This package includes

4 Bodytalk sessions to work on your childs issues and concerns and to work on family issues and dynamics that are affecting the child.
• All of these sessions are performed by long distance, skype, phone and setting a time to relax and receive the session for children and you will receive a recording of each session.
• You will receive 4 email exchanges with me to ask questions about the sessions or to receive extra activities related to the session.
• You will receive a personal 20 minute phone consultation ,to chat about your child's and family's concerns and needs.

Bodytalk has proven to be very effective in dealing with issues related to digestion,
allergies, toxicity to mercury, not focusing, intolerance to foods,
Can help with behavior issues and learning delays as it assists in enhancing the brain function and delayed cognitive function..
Bodytalk releases the root causes behind imbalances in the body.

4 Bodytalk sessions, 4 email exchanges and a 20 minute phone consultation.

Investment: $450

Cress Spicer
Applied kinesiology
$10 USD
Introduction Conversation

Consistency gets results! Apply that on the right foundation and you are capable of much more than you might think. Whether you are a youth athlete, weekend warrior or person looking to enjoy your retirement and live a high quality of life, I have over a decade of experience as a kinesiologist and personal trainer to help. In that time I’ve built a systematic and measurable approach to guide you to better health and optimize your performance!

Over the last decade I have gained experiences through positions with Volleyball Canada Center for Excellence, the Olympic Oval, Vergie Speed, University of Calgary Active Living, Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club and Eau Claire YMCA. Now running my own business, I provide online and in person, 1 on 1, small group and team training. I look forward to discussing how I will help you!

Ian Coburn
Founder of Coburn Coaching - BSc:Kin, CSEP-CPT

(People who proceed to training will receive a credit from the introduction conversation fee applied to their first session.)

“I have been training with Ian for only seven months but I have seen significant improvements in my strength and flexibility. Even in group training, he is able to customize the workout to fit my needs and abilities. I highly recommend Ian as a personal trainer.” - Neang, Para Triathlete

"I trained with Ian for over 3 years on a weekly basis at the YMCA. Unlike a lot of personal trainers he has an ability to assess structural imbalance in the body (weak core, right vs left imbalance etc) and design a program that addresses those issues, which overall led to an ability to continue exercising injury free and gain strength and functional mobility specific to my sports. Ian kept things interesting and varied and pushed me beyond where I could go on my own. I can highly recommend him for keeping you fit, well and strong!" - Alan Johnson

“I’ve been training with Ian for 6 years. The coaching system that we have in place is a good combination of group and one on one training. It allows for attention to individual needs and weaknesses, which is always good but so is the group setting. It spices up the experience and helps motivate one to stay in shape. Among the things training has helped me with is a measurable improvement on my shoulder limitations.” – Norm, Triathlete

Ian Coburn
Applied kinesiology
$150 USD
therapy session
Kinesiology Consultation

Distance Kinesiology - let’s deep dive into what your subconscious to access information relevant for self-healing

Sarah Claiden
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.