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Vinyasa yoga
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Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga
$100 USD
Private Yoga Lesson

One on one private yoga session with my amazing husband Esteban who is an IYA certified instructor

Melanie Alvarez
Vinyasa yoga
$65 USD
1:1 Yoga Session

Private sessions are a great way to deepen your practice in a much more intimate and personalized setting. During our sessions, you will learn how to ground an…

Caitlin Rose
Vinyasa yoga
$10 USD
Fire It Up Flow

It’s easy to fall into the winter blues when temperatures plummet and it’s dark and dreary outside. You might find that you start feeling lethargic, and it mig…

Dina Omar
Vinyasa yoga
$10 USD
Vinyasa Flow

A group class. Take an hour to breathe, move, stretch and strengthen your body.

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Vinyasa yoga
$32 USD
Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a breath-synchronized movement. The practice of linking breath and movement to flow through postures invites us to be alive, connected, an…

Efi K.
Vinyasa yoga
$30 USD
Online Group Iyengar Flow Yoga with Jayasankar

Iyengar yoga - well known as slow paced of yoga due to its focuses on four aspects: alignment, precision, sequencing and timing has been misunderstood by many …

Jayasankar Sekar
Vinyasa yoga
$10 USD
Vinyasa Yoga

Flow Yoga, move with your breath
Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
Promotes stress relief
Like moving? This is for you!
Sedentary lifestyle? This is fo…

Lizandra Deister
Vinyasa yoga
$75 USD
Virtual Yoga Privates

Virtual / Online Private Yoga Sessions.

Tymi Howard