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Functional medicine
$100 USD
​I want to help you navigate the world of confusing nutrition and health advice in order to determine what choices are beneficial for you and your lifestyle....
Erica Breen
Functional medicine
$60 USD
After we’ve uncovered the origin of your health issues, I’ll recommend a whole-body healing plan. Your plan will be a unique infusion of: functional nutrit...
Erica Breen
Functional medicine
$10 USD
Medical Consultation with me anytime
Hi I practice GP for more than 10 years and I love to help people with their health NATURALLY by UNDERSTANDING the root CAUSE of their problems
Mohammed Alamer
Functional medicine
$45 USD
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
An analysis of blood chemistries from a functional or prognostic perspective that gives data on how the physiology of the body is functioning. By analyzing l...
Bethany Padgett
Functional medicine
$120 USD
Functional Medicine & Nutrition Consultation
* Extended Case History & Timeline/ Matrix Drawing * Identifying Root Causes of Disease (Dietary, Environmental, Genetic, Emotional etc) * Personalised N...
Olianna Gourlis
Functional medicine
$650 USD
Renew Package (3-month)
Our most popular plan! Includes: * Initial nutritional assessment (90 min) Comprehensive functional plan with diet, supplement and testing recommendations (...
Sima Kaganas
Functional medicine
$125 USD
Intake nutrition consult
A deep dive into your health history to determine where your current health is and to set up a game plan for our future work together on diet and lifestyle c...
Jason Pooler
Functional medicine
$199 USD
Find Balance Through Diet and Nutrition-Initial Session
Let Food and Whole Food Supplements be thy medicine. I have created custom treatment plans for thousands of Patients over 27 years (24 in my current Practice...
Paul Gerst L.Ac, CMT
Functional medicine
$35 USD
Root Cause Analysis
An holistic evaluation to find the root causes of your ailments and treat them naturally to solve the underlying issues, for true healing. International, onl...
Maxine Immelman
Functional medicine
$10 USD
15 Min Free Chat
15 min free chat to get introduced to Functional Medicine & discuss how you can benefit from our services. Free of charge.
Olianna Gourlis

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