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Cognitive Psychology
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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology
$180 USD

Samantha is an empathetic and non judgmental psychologist who believes in empowering clients to bring out their potential by addressing their internal struggle…

Samantha Tay
Cognitive Psychology
$150 USD
Helping you Navigating and Adjusting through Life

Life is 10% what happen to us and 90% how we take it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therrapy is precisely the tool to help you in these times.

Patrick Bensen
Cognitive Psychology
$199 USD
Mentoring Session

This is a 1 on 1 healing session focused on anything of your choice. I specialise in trauma, healing, mindset, anxiety, coping with low moods.

This session is…

Katrina Eva
Cognitive Psychology
$250 USD
Life coaching

Life coaching is an amazing service to help highly motivated individuals with big goals reach them. We will work together on helping you learn where you strugg…

Vin Infante
Cognitive Psychology
$10 USD
Stress management

Stress is an everyday life experience. Little amount of stress helps us and motivated us. But, when this stress is persistent for a longer duration it can have…

Ruta Mhapankar
Cognitive Psychology
$10 USD
Anxiety sessions

Feeling anxious or having overwhelming constant thoughts which are affecting the quality of your life? These could be a few signs of anxiety. In these sessions…

Ruta Mhapankar
Cognitive Psychology
$100 USD
Virtual Hypnotherapy Appointments w/ Mary Place

Find Your Inner Compass; Clinical Hypnotherapy With Mary Place :
There is no one else inside of your mind except you.
When you take control…

Mary Place