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Emotional Trauma Therapy
$129 USD
Limiting Belief & Emotional Trauma Scan
You may have a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on that something is getting in the way of your success, your goals, and your dreams. I want to help ...
Sara Dessau Lopez
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$95 USD
Therapy session to process trauma
I offer a non-judgemental and collaborative approach to therapy. In the sessions we work with integrative psychotherapy, which is a short term therapy that t...
Drs. Eniko Hajas
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$300 USD
Sept 23rd - Nov 18th Onlinetraining Resilience and Self-Regulation
Whatever you are personally experiencing due to the pandemic – or any personal challenge – whether you are anxious, have racing thoughts, are constantly irri...
Ariane Fuechtner
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$40 USD
I will listen and talk with you like a close friend
Hi! I am Taba. I have experience working with people from many different backgrounds, countries and walks in life. I’m a non-judgmental and open-minded pers...
Tabassum Supti
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$120 USD
1-Hour Personalized Intuitive Healing Session
Every single one of my healing sessions is completely catered to your needs and frequently weaves together multiple modalities to serve you better. You only ...
Ashley Tilson
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$218 USD
Trauma Recovery Rehab
For a total of 3 two-hour sessions, we will dive deep into poly vagal theory, inner child wounds, chakra healing and body work which will equip you with incr...
Holisticali Me
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$100 USD
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy Sessions
I am trauma therapist and expert for nervous system regulation. I mainly work with Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, a holistic resource- and body-oriented approa...
Ariane Fuechtner
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$740 USD
Unblocking Transformation
Emotional traumas can cause physical illnesses and lead to depression and feeling stuck in life. Book a free consultation call to find out if we can work tog...
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Emotional Trauma Therapy
$180 USD
Karma healing
Rewrite your past to create a new future: emotional trauma, ancestral defect and karmic debt relief.
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