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Chakra Balancing
$77 USD
7 Seal Chakra Healing & Reading
~ Explore your Chakra blockages and energetically cleanse your chakras to release imbalances to holistically integrate physical, mental, and emotional being....
Hasyb Malyk Muqaddar
Chakra Balancing
$35 USD
Reiki Intense Chakra Balancing for Optimal Wellbeing
Our wellbeing on all levels is connected to the chakras. When a chakra is not functioning properly or if it is blocked, illness is more likely to occur. A “b...
Sharon Kennewell
Chakra Balancing
$100 USD
Twinflame & Soulmate Intuitive Advice Sessions
Are you feeling stuck? Do you need advice about your relationship with your soulmate or twinflame? Asking for guidance isn’t something to be afraid of! I am ...
Kaysha S Fry
Chakra Balancing
$25 USD
Distance Chakra Healing
In this session I’m connecting to your chakra energy and locate and clear blocks in your chakra system. I will also manage and repair your energy flow throug...
Chakra Balancing
$100 USD
Chakra Clearing & Healing
15 Chakras Clearing and Healing is done on-line I will work with you either on a video call I work with the beings of light, angels, your ancestors and the...
Joanna Rose Tierney
Chakra Balancing
$89 USD
Human energy vortices, commonly known as chakras, need a lot of maintenance due to the old trauma, abuse, negative emotions stored in the human energy field ...
Larrissa Aawar
Chakra Balancing
$55 USD
Aura cleansing and chakra balancing
Cleansing session for your aura and chakras this is a meditation session to bring back balance in to Aura and chakras i f this sounds familiar. You are fall...
Nina Demetro
Chakra Balancing
$33 USD
Chakra Reading
This is a reading and clearing that I do before my session with you, where I create a detailed report which is emailed directly to you and then we discuss an...
Amanda Dodd
Chakra Balancing
$50 USD
Chakra Balancing
There are 7 chakras; Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrael, and Root Chakra balancing allows for your chakras to become aligned, opened, a...
Gia Buscemi
Chakra Balancing
$300 USD
Chakra chain reading
Like the chakra knot reading, but looking at the entire chakra system and seeing how each issue stacks unto the other. This is a complete, in-depth reading o...
Ani Bernard
Chakra Balancing
$90 USD
Chakra knot reading
Feeling lost or blocked? Have physical or mental ailments that nothing seems to heal? Perhaps you have a chakra knot that’s blocking the harmonious flow of e...
Ani Bernard
Chakra Balancing
$297 USD
7 Day Chakra Challenge
Are you READY to feel HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and more ENERGIZED? READY to bring balance to your body and mind. READY to ignite your passion and creativity. READ...
Pragati Oswal
Chakra Balancing
$40 USD
Crystal Chakra Clearing
30 minute session includes pre-session consult, Crystal Chakra Clearing session, and after-session review. Typically added on to a 60 minute Reiki session, a...
Deborah Price
Chakra Balancing
$777 USD
Chakra Balance & Heal Course
In this groundbreaking 7 lesson video course, you receive an in-depth explanation of the 7 Chakras and how they can affect your daily life. It will provide y...
Chanelle Macko
Chakra Balancing
$100 USD
Private Online One to One Chakra Healing Session
When your Chakras are healed and balanced, you notice a change in your life that lifts you up and helps you to move forward. This healing and balancing sessi...
Rita Hurry
Chakra Balancing
$100 USD
Chakra Balancing
A relaxing way to balance out the main energy centers within your body using crystal bowl healing
Dawn and Renee Pikowski
Chakra Balancing
$200 USD
Chakra Balancing
I can help you in the areas: ✔️ self-confidence, ✔️ relationships, ✔️ money issues, ✔️ overall well-being. ✔️ overcame anxiety and depression. During t...
Nina Maglic
Chakra Balancing
$270 USD
Chakra Course: The Chakras Reavealed and Grounding Meditation for the Chakras
1 to 1 course SPECIAL OFFER, after that this will be in groups online. In this course you will learn about the Chakras and a Grounding Active Meditation. Th...
Carmel Sastre
Chakra Balancing
$333 USD
In this 12 Chakra Activation i Activate your 12 Chakras over the Span of One hour, Cleansing and Activating all 7 Chakras in the Body, and Activating 5 Ether...
Matthew Moldavite
Chakra Balancing
$60 USD
In this 7 Chakra Reiki Treatment, i Cleanse all 7 of your Chakras, Activating them to their Primary Balanced Energy. This is Done to help u Progress in life ...
Matthew Moldavite
Chakra Balancing
$125 USD
Elf Magick - Highly Customized Service
This ritual is done with the help of elves, higher spiritual entities in the universe. Elves will use magic to greatly improve the situation of the individua...
peac sanctuary
Chakra Balancing
$11 USD
Grounding and growing
The first step on the path to awakening your chakras.
Jesenia Gonzalez
Chakra Balancing
$50 USD
Chakra Work
If you feel you need work on your chakras, I would be happy to help.
Kymberly Peper
Chakra Balancing
$95 USD
Chakra Analysis Reading
Analyzes each chakra at the mental, physical, and emotional levels and discerns its level of over- or under- activity. Then we discuss what the client has to...
Theresa Ceruti