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$90 USD
Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) for Stress and Anxiety
Anxiety hypnotherapy reduces anxiety, stress and related challenges such as social anxiety, phobias, unhelpful thoughts or low mood. I treat anxiety by usin...
Jason Demant
$1320 USD
Trauma, Abuse, PTSD
This 6 hour program will clear all the unconscious triggers and programming that keep you stuck in fear and overwhelm. With imagery, counselling, hypnothera...
Eleonore Stephan
$220 USD
Break Free from Phobias, Pain, Anxiety and Fears
You can overcome phobias, pain and negative thoughts that keep you stuck. With imagery, counselling, hypnotherapy and energy psychology techniques you can re...
Eleonore Stephan
$125 USD
Time Line Therapy®
One-Hour Session Are you tired of feeling controlled by negative emotions? Negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt prevent people fr...
LaQuita Fergerson
$80 USD
NLP hypnosis session for empaths and HSP's for 60 minutes
This session helps you, dear sensitive person, to heal your life from your problems and toxic energies. We will chat a bit first about your life and the diff...
Lightworker Laura
$1260 USD
A series of 6 sessions which will help you set goals, overcome procrastination, learn how to make good decisions and find the motivation to live the life you...
Jane Nash
$7999 USD
VIP Breakthrough Day
You know that you’re capable of so much more. You know that you WANT so much more. And yet, you feel so bogged down by the fog of your own mind, and that low...
Megan Stoddard
$15 USD
Offering Psychotherapy to provide a safe place for expression of one’s narrative of experiences, feelings and thoughts. Offering NLP Techniques for empowerin...
Sampada Kathuria
$148 USD
As your ‘NLP results coach we’ll begin by simply helping you define exactly what “it” is, simply create a plan that works for YOU, and then support you in th...
John James Santangelo PhD