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Spiritual Healing
$10 USD
Praying for the Sick and Depressed
Are you sick? Are you really depressed? Do you feel that your life is worthless? Come book a session with me and see the changes that will occur after that. ...
Luck Richards Omorede
Spiritual Healing
$431 USD
Haru Kamiki Sekhmet
I am Mind and Soul Life Force Energy. Activating the three fold holy divine flame energies as well as their individual auric field. Accepting and allowing di...
Hasyb Malyk Muqaddar
Spiritual Healing
$170 USD
family constellation/systemic work 1:1
**Live your own life reconnect to nourishing sources and free yourself of (un)conscious dysfunctional patterns ** Trauma can be inherited and passed down th...
Verele Vorstman
Spiritual Healing
$100 USD
shamanic healing
Receive a deep energy healing with me and feel relieved and amazed after. The shamanic view on dis-ease is you either have too much energy or too little. Th...
Verele Vorstman
Spiritual Healing
$199 USD
Have you ever wondered why you experience: ✔️anger ✔️sadness ✔️depression ✔️dizziness ✔️migraine ✔️grief ✔️sudden crying for what seems like no reason...
Larrissa Aawar
Spiritual Healing
$295 USD
RoHun Therapy
A rapid acting psychospiritual therapy that allows one to remove subconscious faulty thoughts, patterns and beliefs that have influenced live long self sabot...
Dr. Julie Layne Dietrich, PhD, MhD
Spiritual Healing
$100 USD
Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing is a powerful energy modality which works on the deep level of DNA. It can reconnect the broken, diffused strands which are responsible ...
Ted Kostek
Spiritual Healing
$120 USD
Quantum Touch Energy Sessions
Quantum -Touch® is a powerful quantum healing technique that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. Life F...
April Walker
Spiritual Healing
$3799 USD
Private Individual or Private Group Healing Retreat
Private Retreats- Get the Clarity, TLC and Personal Attention You Need to Create the Change You Want in Your Life! If you are looking for some personal do...
Lizzy Robbins
Spiritual Healing
$40 USD
Magical Awakening Healing
This is a wonderful Divine energy healing system overseen by Merlin and Lady of the Lake. It works deeply and quickly. It includes the tools of Dragon Fire, ...
Tracy Fellers
Spiritual Healing
$75 USD
Long distance healing.
I have been at this for some time Now I assisted people with various issues such sleep disorder, chronic headaches, anxiety , stress all the eay to covid19 …...
Malik Obatala
Spiritual Healing
$150 USD
Learn to Journey
This is a four part class in which I teach you the basics of journeying.
Kymberly Peper
Spiritual Healing
$60 USD
La Ho Chi Energy Healing
La Ho Chi
Susan Shakti Evans
Spiritual Healing
$88 USD
Improve psychophysical well-being
Are you tired, fatigued, you don’t want to get up in the morning? Contact me and with my advice you will return to optimal health. I practice yoga and do spo...
Davide Armenise Pellegrino
Spiritual Healing
$18 USD
Lets Heal Chapter 4 : Need to Escape
Lets Heal Chapter 4 : Need to Escape 20th November, Saturday , 4 to 6pm IST While there is nothing wrong to walk away, often times this is down out of a fe...
Spiritual Healing
$200 USD
What is Reiki? The word “Reiki” means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign.” It comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning...
Sandra Skender
Spiritual Healing
$50 USD
Spiritual Guidance
Are you feeling lost and disconnected from yourself? Do you need some guidance and support but aren’t sure who to ask or where to start? Everyone needs a li...
Michelle L. Raymond
Spiritual Healing
$174 USD
Psychic Intuitive Guidance + Coaching Session
During our session, I will provide to you my full presence. Allow yourself to express from within, what your soul/heart/mind need most in the moment. Accor...
The Baby Goddess
Spiritual Healing
$20 USD
Spiritual Life Coach Session- Spiritual Tune Up Session
Looking for a Spiritual Tune Up? Maybe you just need a bit of guidance or simply want to give life coaching a try. Each Session is a LIVE Session Goals wi...
Deborah Lucero
Spiritual Healing
$250 USD
Heart Wall Release Packages
April what is a heart wall? I believe a Heart-Wall is an energetic wall around the heart made up of layers of negative trapped emotions. It may keep you fro...
April Walker
Spiritual Healing
$113 USD
Heart Medicine Healing Session
You will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing process that enables you to achieve and maintain balance. Heart Medicine sessions are designed to s...
Mirela Vukman Neylan
Spiritual Healing
$900 USD
Gloetry is a study that describes the depths of our feeling, expression, and ideas with your style, language and flow that is particular to you by way of the...
Savon Nikolic
Spiritual Healing
$25 USD
Energy Transmission
Welcome, beloved soul. My transmission is done while you go about your day/evening/night. It lasts an hour and involves me transmitting and using a candle / ...
Soul Sugar - Salem
Spiritual Healing
$200 USD
Energy Healing
I can help you in the areas: ✔️ self-confidence, ✔️ relationships, ✔️ money issues, ✔️ overall well-being. ✔️ overcame anxiety and depression. During t...
Nina Maglic