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$120 USD
Individual Mindfulness Meditation Coaching
Kelly creates personalized experiences for individuals who are new to mindfulness meditation or who want to deepen their meditation practice. In the one-on-o...
Kelly Dennis
$120 USD
Life Coaching
I guide individuals in finding clarity, by helping them connect with the purest version of themselves and feel free. This is essential to experience a fulfil...
Coloma Muro
$200 USD
Dissolve Unwanted Feelings & Experience Deeper Peace
In just one session together you can sense the inner peace beyond the mental storm of the mind. This session is a powerful way to dissolve negative feelings ...
Nick Shibanov
$25 USD
Tap Into Peace - Anytime, Anywhere
Today’s world of rush and hurry, of frenzied busyness and over-scheduling often leaves our minds spinning, our hearts hammering, our blood-pressure rising, a...
Cynthia A. Morgan
$997 USD
Permission To Be Powerful
#PermissionToBePowerful” Create Your Next Peak Life Season Confidently in 60 Days I help ambitious women going through a breakdown or breakthrough learn how...
Dr. Rachel Greenberg
$40 USD
Clarity Call On Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
I have Created This Service So That We Can Have a Strategy Call Before You Invest into any one of the programs. Please Note I need Atleast 3 or 4 Days prior...
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
$340 USD
Mind Calm Meditation Coaching. 3 week course.
Are you feeling stressed, anxious, have non stop mind chatter, difficulty in sleeping, health conditions or just a general desire to experience inner peace? ...
Josie Truelove
$130 USD
1-to-1 Mindfulness Consultation
The purpose of the 1-to-1 Mindfulness consultation session is to discuss where mindfulness best fits into your current lifestyle, to create a structured mind...
Emily Lewis
$424 USD
1:1 Coaching Sessions
It’s been about TWO years since I’ve released single sessions, but this morning in my meditation I heard LOUD and clear that there are incredible humans in m...
Gemma Nice
$75 USD
Subconscious Interpretation Session(For the Curious)
So, you do not know where to start? How do these mind healing sessions work? What is it about? Well, this session is designed to give you exploration into yo...
Aiden Lottering
$250 USD
8 week private MBSR course - Stress Reduction for Beginners
“Thoughts are real, but they are not necessarily true.” In this course, you will learn over the course of 8 weeks how our thoughts, bodily sensations and em...
Tine Steiss
$25 USD
Mindfulness Group Class
A workshop style group class that focuses on mindfulness, meditation, chakra balancing, and intuitive motivational speaking.
Dawn and Renee Pikowski
$70 USD
Mindfulness 1-1
In this one hour session we would take you through 20 minutes of formal Mindfulness meditation and then will discuss informal practice, as a take away to pra...
Bhupinder Sandhu
$100 USD
Holistic, Integrative Counseling and Life Coaching
Hi! It is my sacred passion to walk along side others to help in a caring, empathic manner. I am a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist who i...
Jason Markel
$150 USD
Mindfulness based trauma healing
Heal you trauma by getting mindfully aware of what is and opening up to the possibility of what it can be! It can be very difficult when struggle from a trau...
Szilvia Rahel Timar
$125 USD
Evolve Yourself Program
Together we will expand deeper into self and help you discover the wisdom within to manifest your dreams and shed your anxiety. $125 per session * 8-Session...
Christina Anania
$350 USD
Mindfulness courses
Hello, Mindfulness works in the changing of patterns by noticing the connections inside of us, our thoughts, body sensations and emotions. This noticing sh...
António Costa
$20 USD
Mindful Meditations
Full moon meditations Guided meditations Musical mediations Osho dynamic meditation Sound healing meditations
Arouba Kabir
$150 USD
Learn The Arts Of Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities Without Losing Your Mind
As professionals and sportsmen, fathers, etc, we spend our days rushing from one task to another at work and home only to drop into our beds at midnight, com...
Trevor Yeremiah Carter