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Mindful Eating
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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating
$999 USD
Intuitive Eating 10-week program

This is a 10-session package for highly sensitive people or empaths who are looking to reconnect with their intuition and inner wisdom so that they reach their…

Maria Nikolakakou
Mindful Eating
$14 USD
21 Day Healthy Eating Plan

If you’re fed up with yo-yo dieting, join my 21-day healthy eating plan and get over 60 breakfast, lunch, evening meal, and snack recipes sent to you daily. Th…

Sharon Twidale
Mindful Eating
$85 USD
Nutritional Consultatiom

Eating well is vital for good health and feeling revitalized. What you eat can influence how you feel, your ability to concentrate, your ability to enjoy life …

Sharon Twidale
Mindful Eating
$250 USD
Food Freedom Program

6 week group course focusing on a positive food mindset. Using tools such as intuitive eating/mindfulness to focus on a holistic health approach, leading to fo…

Debra Perry
Mindful Eating
$80 USD
Mind Body Eating Coaching

Mind Body Eating Coaching is an exciting and timely new approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating that provides the missing ingredient t…

Hana Kovac
Mindful Eating
$350 USD
Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

One to one coaching

Gordana Ross
Mindful Eating
$49 USD
Say "Yes" to Exercise

How about increasing your motivation for exercise?

If you feel stressed at the thought of exercise, then don’t expect to lose weight by doing it - until you c…

Ginnah Siani
Mindful Eating
$147 USD
21 Day Health Reset Cleanse

What better time could there be to start a cleanse than NOW?

We live in a highly toxic environment and a detox helps our body to get rid of toxins faster. Ask…

Gordana Ross