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$55 USD
Psychic Medium Readings

Currently, all readings will be offered virtually.
Appointments are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9am-1pm (UK Time Zone).
When we…

Jan Morgan
$10 USD
Psychic Readings

I specialize in love, past present future, future, past life, general, tarot, dream interpretation, specific, social, and career readings! Book today for clari…

$150 USD
Channeling Session

Receive a personal channeling session in which a guide directly speaks to you from beyond the physical veil. Though you may ask a question to be answered, the …

Elaine Snyder
$20 USD
Spiritual Mediumship readings

Spiritual mediums link to loved ones in the spirit world, we make those links through you, these can be carried out on distance readings written or recorded.

Angels and Ancestors
$60 USD
Psychic Session 45 min

Using my clairvoyance I can assist you with love, career, life purpose and your blocks. I am a Heart Coach and I use Tarot, Oracle and angels messages to offer…

Skye Orca
$10 USD
Oujia board sessions

Hello humans.
I’m willing to communicate with passed Loved one’s with the oujia board with live video only 10$ for 15 minutes.

Kyler Dalton
$100 USD
Hello from Heaven

Receive messages from loved ones on the other side. They may not be what you WANT to hear but they will always be what you NEED to hear.

Ramona Oliver
$85 USD
Mediumship Reading

Connecting with a loved one in Spirit can be deeply cathartic, aid in easing grief, affirm that love lives on beyond death, and help us feel more supported.


Amanda Dodd
$60 USD
Mediumship Readings

During my mediumship readings, I am able to connect to loved ones above and relay any messages told through channeling them.

Doreen O'Hara
$30 USD
Medium readings

there are ways messages from beyond , feel free to ask me anything! Let’s see who we get through

Laura Bazso