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Ancestral Healing
$50 USD
Ancestral defect meditation
What is ancestral defect, who is effected and how to solve it? Ancestral defects are stored in our cells and can cause anger, phobia, finical issues, and ill...
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Ancestral Healing
$100 USD
Ancestral Clearing Session
We, each of us, is an extraordinary person. We, each of us, have extraordinary gifts to bring to the world. Sometimes our gifts remain hidden, locked within ...
Elizabeth Kipp
Ancestral Healing
$175 USD
Ancestral Healing
Ancestral healing is a powerful method for helping you to clear unwanted baggage from your energy field. We are all master Creators of our reality. Our beli...
Laura Giles
Ancestral Healing
$60 USD
This Light Language Activation, Permanently Unlocks Your Ability to Speak Arcturian Light Language, as well as Understand It. This is a One time Activation. ...
Matthew Moldavite
Ancestral Healing
$144 USD
Ancestral Clearing Session (Phone)
In a one-on-one session, we target the issue at the root and dissolve it. We can release patterns and issues that you have had for years. Bring issues from t...
Danielle Grozavu
Ancestral Healing
$100 USD
I Ching Reading
Legend tells that the I Ching began 14,000 years ago in ancient China. Only 3,00o years ago did the I Ching begin to be written down. This book of proverbs w...
Brynja Magnusson
Ancestral Healing
$86 USD
Tera-Mai™️ Reiki/Seichem Healing
Distant Healing Treatments Courses: Hsnds-on Healing, Reiki & Seichem Space Clearing Ancestral Timeline Clearing Virus Removal Cutting Ties Spiritual Cou...
Victoria Gosher