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Core Spirit Services is a global health, wellness & spirituality alliance of therapists, healers, coaches and trainers from 86 countries across 900+ modalities of traditional and alternative medicine. Browse through our directory to find a perfect solution for you and book an appointment right away.
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12 services
$111 USD
The sessions are perfect for: – Learning how to experience happiness, love, freedom, passion & purpose, and live a constant good feeling life experienc...
Filipe Moleiro
$60 USD
Akashic Records Reading
Every living thing has a purpose! For some the purpose seems simply at first glance but upon further reflection one can start see more depth and expansivenes...
Angela Maroosis
$85 USD
(1 hour) Kundalini Awakening Transmission (Shaktipat)
These private sessions are suitable for people who already have or intend to have a meditation practice. We will begin the mentoring session with a chat to s...
Claudine Shehrezad
$155 USD
Transformational Power Session
I am offering a transformational 90 minute empowerment session where we look at: * Your current Landscape * How happpy you are with your current life * Whats...
Meera Shah
$75 USD
Self Awareness Sessions
Self Awareness sessions we will address emotions, mindfulness, meditation, grounding and physical awareness on levels where you will reconize how your se...
Rena Price
$100 USD
Awakening Coaching
Seeking embodied awakening? Let me support you as you walk your unique path to awakening. The practice of seeking spiritual guidance is found in all the worl...
Bill Epperly
$60 USD
Alignment Consultation
Body, Energy, or Mind Alignment Consultation. Feel welcome to connect if you have any questions related to centering and connecting to your original bluepri...
Karimu Corbeek
$20 USD
Wild Heathen Feminine Circle
At this Wild Heathen Feminine Circle, Vanessa Murray takes you to a place of healing, community and powerful femininity while unleashing the fierce woman wit...
Vanessa Murray
$300 USD
Transformational Coaching Session - Clarity
This 90-minute clarity coaching session is for people who are going through or have been through a spiritual awakening and are feeling lost, alone, and confu...
Lyndsay Toensing Coaching & Healing
$125 USD
Twin Flame Guidance
Sometimes we meet people with whom we have an extraordinary connection and it turns our world upside down. This connection may be a twin flame – an experienc...
Larissa Thera
$125 USD
Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Guidance
Together we will delve into deeper understanding of your soul’s journey through discussion around your experience and spiritual practices that will help you ...
Larissa Thera
$77 USD
Mini Soul Plan Reading
What exactly is a Soul Plan Reading… Well, our names that were chosen for us in this current lifetime have a sound to them, a universal vibration. When we l...
Jen Unger

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