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Cognitive therapy
$50 USD
Personal Therapy sessions
Personal (one on one) therapy and Counseling sessions available.
Arouba Kabir
Cognitive therapy
$100 USD
online counselling/psychotherapy session
meet online for a one hour counselling/psychotherpay session through a secure video link (PHIPPA compliant as per Canadian laws) Please book 48 hour in advan...
Kelly Thorarinson
Cognitive therapy
$12 USD
Mental health
We all face various issues in our day to day life. Sometimes we aren’t well equipped to deal with these situations and they end up affecting our mental healt...
Ruta Mhapankar
Cognitive therapy
$45 USD
Interpersonal Therapy
Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is an attachment-focused psychotherapy that centers on resolving interpersonal problems. It follows a highly structured and time-...
Tanaya Vaidya
Cognitive therapy
$75 USD
Binge and emotional eating recovery
My proven methods are evidence-based insights from neuroscience and modern psychology that can help shift disordered eating behaviors. Eating disorder Reco...
Stel Coombe-Heath
Cognitive therapy
$85 USD
In-person Counseling Session
Counseling sessions can be conducted fact-to-face and in-person. Some people prefer the “personal touch.” These sessions usually begin after an intake sessio...
Randy Buck
Cognitive therapy
$75 USD
The Blast Technique
A quick and effective way to reprocess PTSD and traumatic events. Helps release deeply held emotions, anxiety, phobias, addictions and fears. BLAST utilises ...
Christina Cherry
Cognitive therapy
$100 USD
Philosophical Counseling
Philosophical counseling is an alternative therapy in which the counselor and client examine the client’s reasoning about his or her problems. Often we live ...
Sara Ellenbogen