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Relationship Coaching
$65 USD
Wishes and Feelings with Children - allow them to express themselves
I offer sessions for children aged 5-16, whereby they can fully express themselves through direct work. We are able to establish what is bothering them, what...
Anna Scott
Child Psychology
$88 USD
Become the Parent Your Child deserves to have
This session is for you if you ✔️ Want to understand how your own childhood shaped the type of parent you are now ✔️ Want to heal your childhood wounds so t...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Inner Child Healing
$88 USD
Inner Child Healing: Set Yourself FREE (breakthrough session)
This type of healing session is for you if you ✔️ Tend to find yourself in unhealthy patterns that affect any area of your life (relationships, career, self...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Career Coaching
$100 USD
Parenting Neuro-Diversity
Hello, I am a Neuro-Diversity Coach who is pasionate about helping families negotiate the challenges of raising a neuro-diverse child. Whether you are neuro-...
Janine Felton
Career Coaching
$10 USD
10 hours of probono parent coaching
As a student working toward Parent Coach Certification® through the Parent Coaching Institute, I must log 100 hours of coaching practice as part of my progra...
Stephanie Byrne
Career Coaching
$200 USD
The Kyokan Parenting Roadmap Individual Coaching Sessions
The Kyokan Parenting Roadmap : Tame Tantrums with Calm Confidence will teach you to systematically practice key skills in your daily interactions with your c...
Judith Pinto
$35 USD
Discovery Call
This is a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to get your questions answered. I offer individualized, custom packages depending on your goal...
Rachel Koppelman
Inner Child Healing
$100 USD
Inner Child Healing Sessions
One to One Inner Child Healing Session Helping you connect, heal and empower your Inner Child to heal the adult you. Helping you heal and let go of distorted...
Eileen Burns
Alternative Methods
$60 USD
Traditional Postpartum Services
During pregnancy and labor you will grow and expand to as large as you will ever be. Traditional postpartum methods were and are used as part of post labor h...
Madison Caylor
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
$300 USD
Herbal Education Doula Service
Get pregnancy and labor education & support from an herbalist! Support from herbs and nature can play a huge part in growing and bringing a baby Earth s...
Madison Caylor
Natal Astrology
$104 USD
Child's natal chart reading
Children’s natal chart readings are intended for children from birth until 15 years old and are a special way for you, as parents, to gain a loving Astrologi...
Gemma Harwood
Swedish Massage
$90 USD
Fertility Massage Wellbeing Review
Using a nourishing blend of combined modalities, which brings harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive & sacral areas, supporting your fertilit...
Tania Meacher