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Core Spirit Services is a global health, wellness & spirituality alliance of therapists, healers, coaches and trainers from 86 countries across 900+ modalities of traditional and alternative medicine. Browse through our directory to find a perfect solution for you and book an appointment right away.
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Wellness Coaching
$75 USD
Psychedelic Integration Coaching
This is a 1 hour coaching session. In this session your coach will help you identify and focus on insights from your journey and make sense of them. You will...
Stormy Brannon
Wellness Coaching
$75 USD
Journey Preparation
This is a 1 hour coaching session. In this session your coach will help you prepare for your journey, create a conscious set and setting, identify and minimi...
Stormy Brannon
Inner Child Healing
$299 USD
Healing Inner Child Course
You should attend this online course if: ☑ You want to learn how to understand yourself and your true desires ☑ If you want to overcome your fears and ...
Psychology of Happiness with Elena Semenek
Spiritual Healing
$55 USD
Spiritual - Relationship - Counselling
Spiritual Counselling allows you to heal on the soul level and not on the level of ego. Therefore, it is the most powerful and deepest healing technique with...
Soul Paradise
Healing Power of Forgiveness
$77 USD
Are you looking for a way to - Quit alcohol/drugs or any other addictions? - Improve self- esteem? - Improve your health and life in general? - Let go of...
Soul Paradise
$75 USD
Tree of Light
COUNSELLING & COACHING FROM A NEW SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE √ HELLO! I am a metaphysical counsellor and my practice is dedicated to helping people over...
Olga Viloria
Erickson Hypnosis
$110 USD
Self Image Transformation Through Visualisation
This Session Will Take 40 Mins To 1 Hour. Depends from student to student. A self image is not something that you see in the mirror but what you start telli...
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Mundane Astrology
$10 USD
Natal chart consultation
This service is a 15 min discussion about your birth chart. You will be provided a copy of your natal chart and breif description if your Sun,Moon, and risin...
Bri Ariel
$23 USD
Chakra Balancing & Meditation
By doing this session on Chakra Balancing and Meditation you can get following benefits and The Art of Living * Mental health * Depression Removal * It remo...
Emotional Freedom Technique
$19 USD
Emotional Freedom Technique
**On this practical EFT training workshop, you will learn how to use the amazing tapping technique, with lots of opportunity for practice, asking questions a...
Emotional Stress Release
$10 USD
Mindset Meeting
Work towards improving emotional intelligence and stress management with a Certified Life Coach. Learn to take back control of your emotions to achieve your...
Chloe Mepham
$60 USD
Transformative Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective therapy that works directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90% of our mental potential. It contr...
Lizzy Robbins
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$88 USD
Healing Guidance
As an experienced, licensed professional, it is my honor to assist you in exploring your core issues and move toward a healthy, fulfilling life. Each virtual...
Sisterhood Essentials Healing
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$88 USD
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Would I benefit from hypnotherapy? Yes, especially if you have any these: Symptoms such as: Nervous tension, anxiety, body tightness depression not wantin...
Sisterhood Essentials Healing
Self Help
$199 USD
Our human cells renew themselves trilions of times per second, so we are new in every moment. The only reason we feel like the same old us, is because we bri...
Karen Tardieu
Career Coaching
$190 USD
45 Minute Psychotherapy/ Coaching Session
Book a 45 minute session for you as an individual, couple, or family.
Lisa Tahir
Spiritual Healing
$55 USD
Heal Your Depression: Let go of Loneliness and find Belonging
This healing session is for you if you ✔️ Want to explore and understand the ROOT CAUSE of your depression ✔️ Are ready to stop escaping the pain and are wi...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Brain Hacking
$1000 USD
Welcome to Eden by Lilas
Emotional Intelligence
$190 USD
45 minute Manifestation Session
Book this one-on-one manifestation session to learn how to apply principles found in "The Science of Mind," by Ernest Holmes. We will fine tune what you woul...
Lisa Tahir
Crystal healing
$50 USD
Personalized Crystal Class
Are you curious about crystals? Do you wonder which ones would be focused on your needs? How to pick a good one when there are so many? Don't get lost in you...
Evonne Perfect
Cognitive therapy
$85 USD
In-person Counseling Session
Counseling sessions can be conducted fact-to-face and in-person. Some people prefer the "personal touch." These sessions usually begin after an intake sessio...
Randy Buck
Soft Skills Development
$150 USD
Intake & Assessment
This session is designed to get to know you and your needs, including a mental health assessment. You will receive a formal introduction to the therapist and...
Randy Buck
Health Psychology
$60 USD
Individual psychotherapy session
As a psychotherapist, my work stays in a dialogue between the classical transactional analysis and relational transactional analysis. In practice I use the L...
Uros Rajakovic
Yoga Therapy
$390 USD
A Journey Through the Chakras
Online workshop over 21 days: Access to 21 Youtube videos of 90 min to 120 min each. More information [here.](

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