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Body and Emotion Code
$70 USD
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Releasing trapped emotions can restore balance to your life and aid inner calm, thereby allowing you to negotiate life&...
Helen Kirby
Lucid Dreaming
$10 USD
Dream interpretation
Do you often dream and don’t understand what it means? Do you see your dead loved ones appear to you in your dreams and try to communicate and you need answe...
Luck Richards Omorede
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
$40 USD
Intro to Meditation & Breathwork
Curious about meditation and breathwork? This session is an introduction to the practices of meditation and breathwork. Breathwork is an active meditation t...
Erica Breen
Tarot Reading
$40 USD
Shadow Work Tarot Reading
Shadow Work Is Crucial To Your Spiritual Evolution Shadow work is a wonderful practice for you to get to know yourself in the deepest way. There are many wa...
Nichole Edmond
Spiritual Healing
$170 USD
family constellation/systemic work 1:1
**Live your own life reconnect to nourishing sources and free yourself of (un)conscious dysfunctional patterns ** Trauma can be inherited and passed down th...
Verele Vorstman
$120 USD
The first appointment is all about You. I listen to your story and ask many questions to gather as many details as possible about your past and current physi...
Change Naturopathy
$90 USD
For current clients that have already had an Initial Consultation 2 or 3 weekly consultations to assess your progress with wellness plan prescribed. *PRESCR...
Change Naturopathy
$100 USD
Longer follow up appointment if we need to discuss in length your progress or interpret test results. *PRESCRIBED NUTRITIONAL AND HERBAL PRODUCTS AND FUNCTI...
Change Naturopathy
Spiritual Healing
$199 USD
Have you ever wondered why you experience: ✔️anger ✔️sadness ✔️depression ✔️dizziness ✔️migraine ✔️grief ✔️sudden crying for what seems like no reason...
Larrissa Aawar
$50 USD
Reiki 45 minute session
45 minute reiki session using Essential Oils
Melanie Alvarez
Spiritual Healing
$3799 USD
Private Individual or Private Group Healing Retreat
Private Retreats- Get the Clarity, TLC and Personal Attention You Need to Create the Change You Want in Your Life! If you are looking for some personal do...
Lizzy Robbins
Cognitive therapy
$50 USD
Personal Therapy sessions
Personal (one on one) therapy and Counseling sessions available.
Arouba Kabir
Cognitive therapy
$12 USD
Mental health
We all face various issues in our day to day life. Sometimes we aren’t well equipped to deal with these situations and they end up affecting our mental healt...
Ruta Mhapankar
Cognitive therapy
$45 USD
Interpersonal Therapy
Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is an attachment-focused psychotherapy that centers on resolving interpersonal problems. It follows a highly structured and time-...
Tanaya Vaidya
Tarot Reading
$10 USD
Intuitive Tarot Reading
Im offering insightful intuitive Tarot readings for anyone in need of some extra guidance or would like to connect to their Spirit team and the Divine. Im a ...
Elizabeth Gonzales
$225 USD
Remove Mental Blocks With DNA-Upgrades
Are you tired of staying stuck? Frustrated because you are struggling with the same old problems? Not enough energy, consistent focus and momentum to reach y...
Helen Müller
Spiritual Healing
$900 USD
Gloetry is a study that describes the depths of our feeling, expression, and ideas with your style, language and flow that is particular to you by way of the...
Savon Nikolic
Spiritual Healing
$20 USD
Emotional processing and release
Begin alleviating yourself of the weight of your emotional toils by embracing them with a fresh and compassionate perspective, and with simple practical step...
Spiritual Healing
$26 USD
Emotional Healing
All of the problems in our life are connected to the emotional and energetic blockages within our energy centers. So by working at that level of clearing emo...
Karan Singh Samra
Spiritual Healing
$60 USD
Emotional Guided Healing
This is a 30 mins guided emotional healing and meditation to help releasing any blockages and emotional trauma
Sares Selva
Life Coaching
$10 USD
Psychologist, Counselling Psychology, Counselling
Samiha Aziz
Spiritual Healing
$90 USD
Bio-Energy Healing of Ireland
Bio-Energy of Ireland $90 a single 60 minute session. Requires a package of 5 at $70 for a total of $350 for Protocol ​A practice of energetic movements in a...
Denise Hoagland
$45 USD
Biochemic Tissue salt consultation
Start your journey to health and wellbeing by connecting with me for an online naturopathy consultation TODAY. The facial diagnosis is based on the idea, th...
Helena Szollosy
Ancestral Healing
$50 USD
Ancestral defect meditation
What is ancestral defect, who is effected and how to solve it? Ancestral defects are stored in our cells and can cause anger, phobia, finical issues, and ill...
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