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Theta Healing
$60 USD
Find your Way when Lost at SmartWork
Available also in English and French . For mothers and fathers, who are multitasking in spite of them, who work extra hours with no boundaries between work a...
Anna Ramazzotti
Career Coaching
$200 USD
Career Coaching for Working Parents
Does this sound familiar? I’m struggling to balance work and home, I’m overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. ​​I want to progress my career but I don’t w...
Ayesha Murray
Life Coaching
$88 USD
Success & Wealth Mentorship (60 min)
In this Success & Wealth session, we will discuss where you are currently with your business/occupation or creative endeavor, your goals & desires ar...
Haylee Lynn
Brain Hacking
$333 USD
Success & Wealth Mentorship (30 Day)
In this Success & Wealth session, we will meet once a week for 30 days. We will discuss where you are currently with your business/occupation or creativ...
Haylee Lynn
Career Coaching
$450 USD
One to One Career Coaching
This is a 6 week coaching program via FaceTime or Zoom I will be using SMART Model to anyone who needs direction and boost of motivation. I will be able to ...
Angeline Rajkunar
Financial Literacy
$97 USD
Money Healing Workshop
What is your relationship with money? What are your beliefs about money? Join this workshop to: * Heal your money story * Understand what limiting beliefs yo...
Meera Shah
Money Rituals
$12 USD
Money and Abundance Magnet
This session is charging you and one object you choose with energy from the infinite source of universal abundance. The item has to be small enough to wear c...
Career Coaching
$50 USD
Utilizing the laws of attraction with the help of our higher power there is no mountain we can not concur. Having reached the state of mind by mastery, I am ...
Saul Gilbert Martinez
Career Coaching
$1250 USD
Executive Expert Coaching
Manex Ibar is an expert executive coach to bring high performance to already excelling individuals in the business, financial, technology and energy sectors ...
Manex Ibar
Money Rituals
$15 USD
Chapter 3 : Blocks in Flow of Money
Lets Heal Chapter 3 NEW WORKSHOP ALERT 💕💕🙏🏻 *Let’s heal our blocks to money and financial abundance * There is so much Money and Finances are trying to...
Spiritual Healing
$12 USD
Abundance, Money Magnet
This session is a long distance healing session. I’m charging you and an item of your choice with the energy of the the infinite source of universal abundanc...
Career Coaching
$88 USD
Take a LEAP in Your Career (Breakthrough Session)
This session is for you, if you ✔️ are in a career crisis, feeling lost and not knowing which direction to go ✔️ want to transition to another career ✔️ want...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Business Coaching
$1200 USD
Developing Sales Strategies
Service Description Are you looking to build a high-impact sales force and to improve your sales team’s performance? I will help you identify sales strategi...
Dr Terence Mcivor
Personal Development Coaching
$10 USD
What is Flow State at work Clarity Session
30 minutes conversation where I will describe to you what is Flow State, as it is considered by science, how it affects us in our day-to-day basis, how it ma...
Pauline Dougald
Personal Development Coaching
$50 USD
Flow State at work consulation
60 minute strategy session to help you identify where you are in relationship to your Flow State in your career or business and what you need to do next in o...
Pauline Dougald
$997 USD
Permission To Be Powerful
#PermissionToBePowerful” Create Your Next Peak Life Season Confidently in 60 Days I help ambitious women going through a breakdown or breakthrough learn how...
Dr. Rachel Greenberg
$99 USD
Talk with the Angels
When we came here we did not remember. we did forget us. at the beginning of Soul journey here on Planet Earth. Spirituality was forbidden for ages, mistake...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Natal Astrology
$60 USD
Career Astrology Reading
If you’ve come to a crossroads with your career, checking in with your natal chart and transits can help you choose which road to take.
Ada Pembroke
Career Coaching
$20 USD
Career and Wellness Coaching
As a trained and certified coach, I need to clock 100 hours of coaching practice to meet the requirement for accreditation with the International Coaching Fe...
Zhenli Lin
Life Coaching
$50 USD
Knowing Your Self
Western Astrology, since the Mesopotemia civilization has been a great tool for knowing your Self. Planetory aspects and Your birth chart suggest a huge deal...
Sreemoyei Bhattacharya
Shamanic Healing
$30 USD
Writer's Block Shamanic Healing Session
Before the Session I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your writer’s block. (This happens psychically, where I generally just need your ...
Olga Gavrilova
Career Coaching
$189 USD
Align to Thrive Bundle - Course, Hypnosis, Workbook
How to transform your thoughts, emotions and energetic frequency to convert your dreams into reality fast The Align to Thrive Bundle by serial entrepreneur,...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$44 USD
Hypnotic Subconscious Activation 'Discover Your True Purpose'
Powerful, transformational hypnosis to tap into your innate wisdom within you, activating your subconscious mind to reveal your true purpose and passion. Th...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Career Coaching
$111 USD
#7 Goal Setting Essentials Training - Finally Achieve Any Goal
The #7 goal setting essentials that will change the way you approach any goal or habit in your life, business, love, career, health… any area of your life yo...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist