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Core Spirit Services is a global health, wellness & spirituality alliance of therapists, healers, coaches and trainers from 86 countries across 900+ modalities of traditional and alternative medicine. Browse through our directory to find a perfect solution for you and book an appointment right away.
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$997 USD
Permission To Be Powerful
#PermissionToBePowerful" Create Your Next Peak Life Season Confidently in 60 Days I help ambitious women going through a breakdown or breakthrough learn...
Dr. Rachel Greenberg
$99 USD
Talk with the Angels
> When we came here we did not remember. we did forget us. at the beginning of Soul journey here on Planet Earth. Spirituality was forbidden for ages, mis...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Natal Astrology
$60 USD
Career Astrology Reading
If you’ve come to a crossroads with your career, checking in with your natal chart and transits can help you choose which road to take.
Ada Pembroke
Career Coaching
$20 USD
Career and Wellness Coaching
As a trained and certified coach, I need to clock 100 hours of coaching practice to meet the requirement for accreditation with the International Coaching Fe...
Zhenli Lin
Self Help
$50 USD
Knowing Your Self
Western Astrology, since the Mesopotemia civilization has been a great tool for knowing your Self. Planetory aspects and Your birth chart suggest a huge deal...
Sreemoyei Bhattacharya
Shamanic Healing
$30 USD
Writer's Block Shamanic Healing Session
Before the Session I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your writer's block. (This happens psychically, where I generally just need y...
Olga Gavrilova
Career Coaching
$189 USD
Align to Thrive Bundle - Course, Hypnosis, Workbook
How to transform your thoughts, emotions and energetic frequency to convert your dreams into reality fast **The Align to Thrive Bundle by serial entrepr...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$44 USD
Hypnotic Subconscious Activation 'Discover Your True Purpose'
Powerful, transformational hypnosis to tap into your innate wisdom within you, activating your subconscious mind to reveal your true purpose and passion. ...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Career Coaching
$111 USD
#7 Goal Setting Essentials Training - Finally Achieve Any Goal
The #7 goal setting essentials that **will change the way you approach any goal or habit in your life, business, love, career, health… any area of your life ...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Career Coaching
$500 USD
Three Hour Coaching Challenge
How much time has your manager or HR department invested in your personal development? Probably not nearly enough, right? And how much time are you dedicat...
Omar L. Harris
Career Coaching
$200 USD
Goal Setting and Achievement
We all know how to set SMART Goals.There are many techniques available that will tell us how to set Goals, very few, if any of these, tell us how to go about...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Career Coaching
$10 USD
Identify your Transferable Skills
The world of work is changing and many organsisations are now starting to focus on Transferable Skills.Many of us however, do not know what a transferable sk...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Self Help
$10 USD
Determine your Values
Our Values guide our behaviours.Our Values inform the decisions we make and it influences what we invest our time in. Knowing what your highest Values are, g...
Ideal Careers Coaching
Psychic surgery
$10 USD
Psychic reading
Hello, I am a remote viewer. Love and Relations are my specialality. I have great insight with my clients also in the work arena and future events. I was bor...
Nina Demetro
Telemental Health
$200 USD
Guidance for Artists and Creatives in Pasadena
You’re a musician, visual artist, filmmaker, actor, dancer or writer. You’ve heard discouraging messaging your whole life about how you can’t make a career f...
Natalie Moore | Holistic Psychotherapy
$120 USD
1:1 - Resonance Repatterning Session
Resonance Repatterning is a healing modality that will help you become aware of your belief systems, conscious and unconscious patterns, ideas and thoughts t...
Annika Ussel
Career Coaching
$120 USD
Executive Coaching
Hi! As an executive coach, I can help you close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be in your future. If you are a professional or an emer...
Hernan Lucio Pena
Career Coaching
$100 USD
Career transition coaching
In the beginning of our adult life, we somehow choose our career, our work. We may pursue our dream, we may go along with our parents' dream, or the work we ...
Evgenia Androukaki
Career Coaching
$150 USD
Confidence Consultation
This call is your opportunity to make immediate improvements to your confidence. This call is for those serious about growing their self confidence at wor...
Lisa Philyaw
Career Coaching
$80 USD
Individual Career Counselling (60 minutes)
I offer an objective and dynamic career counselling service that is unique to every woman and her situation. Allowing her to feel heard and understood in a s...
Hayley Fualau
Career Coaching
$60 USD
Coaching with CBT, Mindfulness and Positivity
Personal and professionsl coaching for progression, achievement, change and fulfilment tailored to your needs. Using positive psychology, neuroscience, CBT ...
Loretta Windsor-MacKenzie
Industrial–Organizational Psychology
$150 USD
Guiding Entrepreneurs and Leaders through Changes
Leaders of Tomorrow Institute is specialized in Organizational Psychology and we will help you as an entrepreneurs to address any work related issue or perso...
Patrick Bensen
Career Coaching
$225 USD
Jump Start your Heart-Centered Business!! **Business Coach**
Have you wanted to start a business for a while, but lack clarity on your message? Do you have a burning desire to share your gifts with the world, but aren...
Jackie Poper
Spiritual Healing
$155 USD
Finding your why
Are you looking to set up your business? I help you look at finding your purpose, what you enjoy, why you want to do it (apart from money, money being a give...
Meera Shah

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