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13 services
$45 USD
Biochemic Tissue salt consultation
Start your journey to health and wellbeing by connecting with me for an online naturopathy consultation TODAY. The facial diagnosis is based on the idea, th...
Helena Szollosy
Chakra Balancing
$89 USD
Human energy vortices, commonly known as chakras, need a lot of maintenance due to the old trauma, abuse, negative emotions stored in the human energy ...
Larrissa Aawar
$1700 USD
Immersion group
This is where Multi-award winning medical intuitive Dawn Cady, links arms with you to guide you through the foundations of healing, through to advanced level...
Dawn Cady
Sleep and Dreaming
$333 USD
Sacred Sleep
6 Sessions to improve sleep quality through breathwork Our body has a natural day and night cycle that often needs some rebalancing. When this rhythm return...
Karimu Corbeek
$109 USD
Follow-Up Consultation: 20 minutes
A check in to see how you are feeling since implementing recommendations from previous consultation. I offer guidance, answer your questions, and change reco...
Dr. Katie Coleman, ND
Career Coaching
$3500 USD
The Peak Energy Experience
This small 10 week one-to-one coaching program focuses on - increasing energy levels - stress management and resilience - sleep - fatigue - nutrition -...
Gordana Ross
Yoga Therapy
$50 USD
It takes movement to get through many health issues. Fatigue is just one area which may benefit from implementing gentle movement like that offered through y...
Lori Osterloh-Hagaman
$30 USD
Guidance, Inspiration & Healing
This type of session is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the smoothest way to address a challenge to reach a happier & health...
Mina Mikhail
Chakra Balancing
$333 USD
In this 12 Chakra Activation i Activate your 12 Chakras over the Span of One hour, Cleansing and Activating all 7 Chakras in the Body, and Activating 5 Ether...
Matthew Moldavite
$120 USD
Divine Healing
Divine Healing is a modality which clears, aligns, and balances the chakras. It cleans the aura of negative debris and opens the meridians energetically so p...
Ted Kostek
Dance therapy
$85 USD
Dynamic Movement - Eurythmy Dance Therapy
Integration Movement Dynamic Activation/Support Specific attention to movement through various exercises can speed up healing and integration. Working with t...
CoCo Verspoor
Hatha yoga
$80 USD
One-on-One Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga
Through this traditional Tantra Hatha practice you will discover how to use these powerful and precise methods, to heal all aspects of your life while amplif...
Tara Achkar
Aromatherapy Massage
$50 USD
Aromatherapy Massage
After a brief consultation to choose the best aromatherapy blend, this relaxing, full-body massage will transport you to a no-worries land, making you feel l...