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Core Spirit Services is a global health, wellness & spirituality alliance of therapists, healers, coaches and trainers from 86 countries across 900+ modalities of traditional and alternative medicine. Browse through our directory to find a perfect solution for you and book an appointment right away.
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Emotional Freedom Technique
$108 USD
EFT Tapping session - Trauma focused - get permanent results
Are you tired of feeling stuck? Release emotional baggage permanently & finally create the life you want in a few EFT Tapping sessions **Are you...
Nicole Herrle
Emotional Freedom Technique
$3125 USD
EFT Tapping - Trauma focused - 12 week program - breakthrough
Are you tired of feeling stuck? Release emotional baggage permanently & finally create the life you want in a few EFT Tapping sessions **Are you...
Nicole Herrle
Vinyasa yoga
$77 USD
1:1 Trauma Informed Yoga
Yoga session specialized for you and your needs! Meet with me one on one and flow through whatever emotions come up, or not! Maybe you just want more individ...
Citlalicue (Lali) Herrera
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$125 USD
Whatever comes up during our sessions, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been a witness to it, and I can tell you it is healing. The important ...
Wallace Murray
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$95 USD
Therapy session to process trauma
I offer a non-judgemental and collaborative approach to therapy. In the sessions we work with integrative psychotherapy, which is a short term therapy that t...
Drs. Eniko Hajas
Body Psychotherapy
$160 USD
Psychotherapy Session
I offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation prior to booking a session to support you in deciding if I am the right fit for you. If I am then we can start...
Julie Anne Crain M.Ed., Registered Psycho...
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$4850 USD
1:1 Transformational Therapy | 6 weeks | Fast & Profound Results
1:1 Package of Unique Phoenix Therapy Approach to Fast - Lasting - Profound Transformation **6 weeks of Phoenix Therapy Addressing the Transformation of...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
$111 USD
Reiki Healing
Universal Life Force healing energies. Dissolving and transmuting seven chakra blockages and low consciousness awareness. * 33 minutes session (on a meditat...
Hasyb Malyk Muqaddar
$80 USD
Distance Healing (theta healing, timeline healing, channeling)
Sessions I offer are suitable for reaching hidden parts of ourselves and unconscious mind to bring fourth transformation from negative,suppressed emotions,en...
Nina Fortuna
Emotional Freedom Technique
$111 USD
Holistic Counselling
I provide a safe space for sensitive women to uncover and heal all the unspoken words and express all the invalidated feelings that are limiting your capacit...
Nicole Ivens
Self Help
$55 USD
HEAL Your Traumas (abuse, childhood emotional neglect, abandonment)
This type of healing session is for you if you ✔️ Have been emotionally abused in your relationship (s), at workplace ✔️ Feel you have been the victim of c...
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Career Coaching
$150 USD
Love Tarot Life Coaching Session
Are you tired of being alone? Are you ready for a long term relationship that will ultimately lead fo marriage? Do you want to take your relarionship to the ...
Amanda Martinotti
Shamanic Healing
$199 USD
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing is done distantly or face to face. In a shamanic i do a list of healings in one session. For me it is like looking at each piece of the puz...
Joanna Rose Tierney
$85 USD
(1 hour) Kundalini Awakening Transmission (Shaktipat)
These private sessions are suitable for people who already have or intend to have a meditation practice. We will begin the mentoring session with a chat to s...
Claudine Shehrezad
$27 USD
EFT Masterclass - Spanish
¡Flow with Flo se complace en ofrecerle un curso completo de EFT Tapping en línea! Este curso contiene todo el material para enseñarte cómo usar EFT, paso a ...
Florencia Mena
Oracle Cards
$125 USD
60 Min Session
Mediumship Reading: This reading brings forth communications with Loved Ones including pets, who have passed over. Using Evidentiary Mediumship practices to ...
Melissa Watkins
Emotional Freedom Technique
$111 USD
Emotional Freedom Technique Session
Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet very effective tool to support you in healing at a subconscious level. EFT focuses on utilising certain pressure ...
Katrina Eva
Cognitive Psychology
$199 USD
Mentoring Session
This is a 1 on 1 healing session focused on anything of your choice. I specialise in trauma, healing, mindset, anxiety, coping with low moods. This session ...
Katrina Eva
Spiritual Healing
$177 USD
Recoding Session
This session may utilise some alternative therapies ie: talk therapy, EFT tapping and deep meditation. This session is focused on those looking to do deep...
Katrina Eva
Spiritual Healing
$222 USD
Ascension Healing Session
Timeline Reading Energy Clearing Cord Cutting Guided Breathing/Meditation Deconstruct limiting beliefs and reconnect your inner power This reading will help...
Katrina Eva
$88 USD
Quantum Healing Session
Every feeling, every emotion and every thought creates a change in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. And it is these quantum changes that create our...
Kerstin Kramer
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$120 USD
Clinical Hypnotherapy For Wellness
Healing is an explorative journey, and there is no better guide on you than you! The part of you that knows, remembers, has recorded every detail of your lif...
Amanda Dodd
Distance Healing
$75 USD
Biological Reboot
I will do a hour session where I will help you to understand yourself on a biological level verses just knowing yourself as a body. 1st session will be biol...
Rena Price
$75 USD
Healing Trauma Sessions
Healing Trauma Sessions Childhood trauma, relationship truama, Abuse, loss, trauma of on any level I will help you address it on a level of Post Tramat...
Rena Price

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