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Core Spirit Services is a global health, wellness & spirituality alliance of therapists, healers, coaches and trainers from 86 countries across 900+ modalities of traditional and alternative medicine. Browse through our directory to find a perfect solution for you and book an appointment right away.
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286 services
$299 USD
QHET Quantum Healing session
QHET, a portal to Your Soul. Parting message. Don’t be afraid of shinning a light. Don’t be afraid of being powerful. Don’t be afraid of being more spe...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Natal Astrology
$200 USD
Natal Chart Astrology Reading
There was a story about you written in the sky at the moment you were born. It is about all the people you could have been, the people you will become. Not...
Ada Pembroke
Tarot Reading
$49 USD
Psychic Reading—Love
Looking for insight into your current, past, or future relationship? In this reading, I will use my oracle cards and connection with the universe to give you...
Shari, the Soulmate Seekers Love Coach
$1199 USD
Series of QHET Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions
A superior change for many Lightworkers, we are speeding up in the ascension within and as it, we also bringing more recognition in our DNA, Starseeds awaken...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Inner Child Healing
$77 USD
Soul Plan Reading
\* Want to reconnect with your true life purpose? \* Want to discover why those certain things are happening to you over and over again? \* What if the...
Soul Paradise
Spirit Guides
$24 USD
Psychic Reading
You will receive knowledge of your Animal Totem, as well as the presence of an Animal Spirit Guide, ideas of how to explore and fully realize your totem and ...
Terra T
Spirit Guides
$31 USD
Psychic Reading
These reeadings are about personal development and empowerment, this time involves your question of Show Me, How Can I, or What Can I as these questions leav...
Terra T
Spiritual Healing
$100 USD
Spiritual Journey Facilitation and Guidance
Through a live video session I will assist you to better understand your Journey and what your Purpose on this Journey is. Several modalities may be utilized...
Rev. Maria D. Wilcox
Career Coaching
$125 USD
Building the foundation of Self-Love to live a meaningful and purposeful life
My mentorship program is for those seeking a deeper confidence, appreciation, and joy for who they are. In our sessions, I utilize the breath, movement, grat...
Charles Adams
Oracle Cards
$55 USD
Spiritual Intuitive Oracle Reading, by Sister Earth Creations
Basic Spiritual Intuitive Reading I offer Spiritual Intuitive Readings with the use of my homemade one of a kind Oracle cards. Explore the Mysteries with fun...
Dianne Keast - Sister Earth Creations
Natal Astrology
$75 USD
Natal chart readings
Your birth chart is a snapshot of the planetary arrangements in the sky the moment you were born. Much like an individual fingerprint, your birth chart is a ...
Bri Ariel
Self Help
$55 USD
Spiritual Consultation - Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Advice, Guidance
Providing guidance, clarity, confirmation, affirmation, and spiritual solutions. Thespiritual consultation incorporates spirituality into each sess...
Jeremiah Gabriel Moultrie
Tarot Reading
$45 USD
Spiritual Readings | Shadow Work, Life Purpose, Pathway, Love, General, Health
** Disclaimer: All Spiritual Readings will not Force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free will...
Jeremiah Gabriel Moultrie
Career Coaching
$40 USD
Spiritual Coaching: Awakening
Spiritual Awakening can manifest in different ways and "flavors". Some people might experience euphoria, mystical experiences or a sense of Oneness with the...
Shamanic Healing
$30 USD
Shamanic Healing Session
During this session, we will focus on a particular question, problem or request that you may have. There are many approaches to how this session may go for ...
Olga Gavrilova
Career Coaching
$111 USD
#7 Goal Setting Essentials - Finally Achieve Any Goal
The #7 goal setting essentials that **will change the way you approach any goal or habit in your life, business, love, career, health… any area of your life ...
Miriam Petra | Entrepreneurs Therapist
Emotional Intelligence
$595 USD
Bold & Authentic Living - Why AM I Here?
There are four (4 hours of 1-2-1 coaching in total) modules in this program delivered over 4 weeks. To fully benifit you would need to to complete Bold &...
Karen Tardieu
Self Help
$275 USD
Discover Your Life Purpose
This is for you if... * You want to feel authentic and in integrity with your true self. * You want to feel like you’re living in alignment with your purp...
Denay N. Dominic
Tarot Reading
$45 USD
Reading for 30 minutes for empaths and HSP's
Book a psychic reading with me about the topic of your choice. This is for an empath or a highly sensitive person who needs help with their life. The topics...
Lightworker Laura
Career Coaching
$100 USD
Executive and Life Coaching
Leaderhsip development EQ & Coaching Teams Sports & High Performance Sistemic Transpersonal Digital Business Conscious Happiness
Juan Carlos Alvarez
Career Coaching
$90 USD
Intimacy and relationship coach, Root Cause Therapist
I help you discover what your blocks, your automatic behaviours, negative self talk, sabotages and limiting beliefs come from and how they play into your lif...
Tamar Viva
$738 USD
8 week coaching pack
We will discover what your blocks, sabotages and limiting beliefs come from and how they play into your life and relationships. We will work through the deep...
Tamar Viva
Natal Astrology
$60 USD
Astrology Reading
A 1 Hour Astrology reading involves going over the details and aspects of your birth chart. I answer any questions a client may have, regarding *career, love...
$44 USD
Intuitive Reading
Do you have a burning question and seek quick intuitive guidance? Sep's intuitive readings include the use of oracle cards, the Akashic records, mediumship,...
Sep Alavi