Yoga Stretches for Fibromyalgia Relief


This video will teach you how exercise & physical activity routines are enriching, soothing, & pain-relieving wonders! Bring The 5 Step Process For Fibromyalgia Relief 1-Day Course to a soothing close. #yoga #fibromyalgia #painrelief

Standing Forward Bend (knees bent)- This stretch is # 1 because it reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue! When your head is below your heart the rush of blood to your head floods your cells with oxygen to revitalize you! That’s better than any prescription drug on the market!

Cat/Camel Seated- Looking for a way to find emotional balance? This stretch not only relieves stress but also calms your mind! This modified version is a great way to get started!

Cat/Camel On Mat- If your ability allows you to get on the mat enjoy the benefits either way!

Downward Facing Dog- So much benefit! This pose relieves common fibromyalgia pain in the upper, middle, and lower back. It also gives you a boost of self-confidence, reduces depression and anxiety!

Downward Facing Dog with Hamstring Stretch- What relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, stress, depression, fatigue, calms the brain, and energizes the body? This STRETCH!

Child Pose (arms forward)- No wonder I love this pose! It releases tension in the upper body and gently stretches the lower body. It is also known to relieve dizziness & fatigue as well as calm the mind and body!

Child’s Pose Modified (arms forward) This modified version is a perfect way to get your stretch on!

Child’s Pose (arms backward) High five for this stretch! 1. It calms and soothes the mind.2. It’s wonderful for digestion. 3. It lengthens the lower back to relieve pain. 4. It’s an easy way to open up the hips. 5. It helps you realize that it’s okay to rest!

Child’s Pose (arms backward) Modified Start here and work your way up once your flexibility improves! The sky’s the limit!

Supine Hip Stretch AKA Reclined Cobbler’s Pose- This pose is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is a great way to relieve stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and muscle tension. Plus it boosts your energy!

Supine Hip Stretch Modified AKA Reclined Cobbler’s Pose -This modified version will help you revitalize and get instant relief from fibromyalgia symptoms!

Knees To Chest- This is a soothing pose to finish your stretches with! This pose inspires your body, mind, soul, and spirit to keep a natural balance all through the day!

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