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Emotional Freedom Technique
$404 USD
Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice
Six Foundations for a Thriving Therapy/Coaching Practice Qualified in the last 2 years? YES Using your gifts to make a real impact on the world? NO You put t...
Janet Broughton
$650 USD
Inititation to energy healing
CHOOSE this Service if: * you want learn how to heal yourself and your family members; * you search for new essential knowledge of spiritual growth * you ar...
Shaman Antony
$50 USD
Ceremony of opening partner's channel in your life
CHOOSE this Service if: * you are in search of a true partner in your life. * you long for harmonic relationship * you keep attracting the "wrong type" of...
Shaman Antony
$150 USD
Expanding your money channel
CHOOSE this Service if: * you feel that the flow of financial income is low in your life. * you know that something is blocking your money chanel * you unde...
Shaman Antony
Art Therapy
$40 USD
Foundational Art Classes
I teach foundational art in my home. I have room for 3 students. We will cover the colour wheel, shapes, shading and perspective. Bring your own sketch pad a...
Anne Lafrance
Spiritual Healing
$1894 USD
1 to 1 Course level 1 Energy Spiritual & Psychic Healing "ChakraAura®" Technique
BECOME AN ENERGY HEALER You are going to learn how to use the power of your hands and active meditation combined with the Elemental Light Healing Guides tha...
Carmel Sastre
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
$1500 USD
Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat in the Swiss Alps
Awaken Your Divine Energy in the Swiss Alps Join Meditation Master Kambiz Naficy For an Interactive Experience of Yoga, Meditation and Uplifting Talks. So...
Emotional Freedom Technique
$858 USD
Online Combined Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT Level 1 delivered over 4 Sundays, 2- 5pm 19th September 2021 - 10th October, followed by Level 2 from 24th October 2021 - 5th December (No class 7th Nov...
Janet Broughton
Emotional Freedom Technique
$10 USD
UK Online Introduction to EFT
Wednesday 25th August 2021, 7- 8.30pm UK Time A FREE Introductory Workshop to discover more about the theory and practice of Emotional Freedom Technique - Ta...
Janet Broughton
Crystal healing
$34 USD
Crystal Healing (In‐ person session)
Crystal Healing with other Psycho-Spiritual Therapies And Consultancy Inclusive
Vishwas Healing Centre
Spiritual Healing
$2599 USD
Feel Your Flow: Get Unstuck, Love Yourself, and Recreate Your Life Retreat
On this retreat you will gain a solid understanding, knowledge and valuable tools to use throughout your life to love, care for and support yourself to confi...
Lizzy Robbins
Spiritual Healing
$2599 USD
Soul Journey Retreat- Bring Spiritual Awakening to Your Physical Expeience
In this retreat we practice how to connect with our spiritual essence, guidance, and limitless power. We teach tools and techniques to help you evolve and fe...
Lizzy Robbins
Spiritual Healing
$3799 USD
Private Individual or Private Group Healing Retreat
Private Retreats- Get the Clarity, TLC and Personal Attention You Need to Create the Change You Want in Your Life! If you are looking for some personal do...
Lizzy Robbins
Chakra Balancing
$19 USD
Healing from the ground up!- Chakras 101
This workshop caters to all and helps you to have a better undertanding of chakras as a whole. It help understand what chakras are and how they are connected...
$197 USD
Tap Into the Patterns of the Universe: Introduction to Numerology Charts
Interested in going deeper and learning how to do numerology readings yourself? This is the seminar from you! Learn how to break down the numbers in someone&...
Kayla Stan
$200 USD
Certified Reiki Level 1 Course
Courses are available for both adults and children 5 Hour courses class. Certified Reiki Level I Course Next date for Reiki level 1 class Sunday June 6th-...
Cress Spicer
$540 USD
Theta healing Basic DNA Online Course
Start The Journey To Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities With Theta Healing Basic DNA Course Online! This Is For You If… ⇒ You Allow Positive Changes To Come Int...
Mihaela Gordan
Shamanic Healing
$50 USD
On-Line Cacao Ceremony - Next On-line Ceremony 11th April 2021
A gift from the rainforest that contains a bundle of nutritional and neurochemical benefits. Cacao contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contributing...
$465 USD
Virtual Classroom – Reiki I & II Certification (4/24 – 4/25)
A lot of my students reach out to me and say “I don’t know much about reiki, but for some reason it’s calling me.” This is because your higher self and unive...
Hae Lee
Feldenkrais method
$13 USD
Move Better, Feel Better: Feldenkrais Class:
By becoming more aware of what we are actually doing (rather than what we think we are doing), our brain makes new neural connections, and we can find new, e...
Emma Alter
Past Life Regression
$60 USD
Past Life Regression Workshop
A fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and find out information about yourself that will help you in your current life. ABOUT The workshop consists of 3...
Marije Terluin
$97 USD
Sacred Art of Aromatherapy
Learn how to dramatically change your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health naturally using the ancient art of aromatherapy that’s been used for t...
Allison Stillman
Guided Meditation
$80 USD
4 x Private Online One to One Meditation Sessions (Advanced)
If you have practiced meditation before but struggle to make time for it or making it a part of your daily life, this session is perfect for you. You can bo...
Rita Hurry
Crystal healing
$17 USD
Pocket Orgonites
Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonises bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana. Benefits include; ...
Kimberly Douglas

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