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Fitness: Top 10 Benefits of Dancing

Getting fit doesn’t need to be the task it’s frequently seen to be. All things being equal, as individuals all around the world are discovering every day, mo...

Alexis Suarez
Dance for Fitness: How to Get Started

From hip-jump to the foxtrot, dance fever is clearing the country, fuelled by mainstream TV shows, for example, Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talen...

Alexis Suarez
All You Need to Know About Dance Workouts

How It Works

Prepare to hit the dance floor! Moving is an entire body exercise that is really fun.

It’s useful for your heart, it makes you more ground...

Charly Morres
The Best Dance Workout Videos of 2020

Best 2020 Dance Workouts You Need to Try

Fearing the rec center? Shake up your wellness routine with a dance exercise video all things being equal. Movi...

Charly Morres
Dance Facts - History, Interesting Tips and Types of Dance

Dance: Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Dance is a type of workmanship that is made by deliberately reproducing chosen successions of human mov...

Karonika Evans
From Needy Duck Butt to Girl Boss: My Belly Dance Story

Some say you find belly dance when you’re in a transition. I sure was. In 2013, I wrecked on my mountain bike and broke my wrist, so I was out of work unti...

Erin Passarello
Candomble: The African-Brazilian Dance in Honor of the Gods

Candomblé (meaning dance in honor of the gods) is a religion found primarily in Brazil with a number of elements derived from African cultures. It not only i...

Rudy Bryant