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Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Cross-country skiing

Originally, this sport originated in the Scandinavian countries for transportation and recreation and in course of time, it remains popular. In a non-competi...

Skyler Rivera
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Cross Country Skiing: What Is It and How Did It Start?

Even though cross-country skiing began in Scandinavia more than 5000 years back, it was not acquainted with Canada until the 1890s. In the beginning phases o...

Jonathan Tayron
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
A Brief History of Cross Country Skiing


Cross-country skiing is the most established sort of skiing. It arose out of a need to go over snow-shrouded territory and was created as a game...

Jonathan Tayron
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Cross Country Skiing: 10 reasons Why Your Body Will Be Thankful

As one of the top Nordic games, cross-country skiing includes the route of uneven snow-shrouded territory, the majority of which depends exclusively on your ...

Mary Miller
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Can Cross-Country Skiing Be Dangerous?

As a rule, crosscountry skiing is a generally safe game. This surely remains constant when contrasted with its more dangerous cousin, high skiing, where ...

Kori Miller
Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing)
Comparing Cross-Country and Downhill Skiing: Which one is a better exercise?

Both have medical advantages, yet with key contrasts

Searching for a decent method to get outside and get some activity during the chilly climate months? ...

Kori Miller