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Chinese Alchemy

First of all it is necessary to try to understand that the Chinese culture has it’s own representations, sometimes radically opposed to the concepts of other cultures. Taoism, and especially alchemy of immortality in Chinese traditions are well-known e…

Is This The End of Aging: Can Science Make Us Immortal?

Some scientists argue that aging is a social construct, not a natural law — and therefore, we can challenge it. Scientists are looking at genetic editing and advances in artificial intelligence as possible means to prolong human life indefinitely.

The Immortality Upgrade

On April 7, 1844, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, delivered a sermon to twenty thousand of his followers in Nauvoo, Illinois. The immediate occasion was the funeral of King Follett, a close friend of Smith’s, and there is no doubt that d…

Immortality Tech: Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Extreme Life Ex...

Following a recent feature in The New Yorker magazine, which looks at silicon valley's anti aging activities and explor…

Lifestyle and Behaviour
Koshchey ‘The Immortal’: Strong And Wise Ruler Of Darkness In...

In Slavic folklore, this nature spirit is known as’ Koshchey the Deathless’ or ‘Koshchey the Immortal’ but it has also many other very similar names (Kashey, Koschei, Kostiy, Kościej) which vary from one Slavic culture to another.

Koshchey is the…

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