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Coronavirus Stress Relief Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedoms Techniques (EFT) is a widely respected, well-researched way to help you end emotional and physical distress and pain. Developed by Gary Craig, EFT is also known as “tapping.” EFT helps to correct energy flow in your body to relieve…

Spirit Guides
Everyday Magic: Tired of Feeling Down? Here's a Real-Life Sto...

It is timely to share the insights of Everyday Magic. These are extracts from an interview with the author about this memoir, published as an ebook in 2020:

Crystal healing
How to Do an Energy Reading Using Crystals

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to do a general reading of the condition of the energy field or aura, to doing an energy reading, using crystals. The video demo is posted on YouTube and on our website in the vlogs section. Remember that the act of …



The ability to manifest is a powerful tool and the clearer you are, in yourself, the easier it becomes. On the one hand, manifestation is an advanced energetic skill that requires caution and mindfulness. On the other hand, we are a…

Life Uncertainty
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 4 – Why look at between lives ...

It’s important as you Journey Through Lifetimes to visit between lives and then before your incarnation into your current lifetime that you do a life review of all your previous lives.   

Past Life Regression
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 3 – What Past Lives have I had...
As you move further along your journey of where you came from and your first incarnation on earth you reach some of your previous past lives that you chose to experience to help you hopefully grow and evolve. I say some of your past lives as when you go o…
Ancestral Healing
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 2 – What was my first incarnat...

From working with clients and my own insights we have already looked at why you chose to incarnate on Earth so now let us look at who or what you started life on Earth as.   

Guided Meditation
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 1 – Where do I come from?

Where do I come from?

This is a question that has been asked many times and from working with clients who want to explore their past lives, where they originally came from and my own insights this is my answer to that question.


Burnout Is Not Caused By Doing Too Much, It Is Caused By Bein...

Yes you read that right...

Burnout is not caused by doing too much, it is caused by being out of alignment.

Today we are going to turn the traditional concept of burnout on its head. Most people think that the reason t…

Quick Q&A with a professional doctor


Q: I have a new infrared sauna that I’ve been using for two weeks. I began at 95 degrees for 10 minutes, and now I’m at 100 degrees for 20 minutes. I have no major health problems, but my blood pressure is around 1…

Chakra Balancing
Find Your Energy Within

If we really realise this we get a large clue into understanding

Energy and Energy Healing

Starting with different types of energy. There is the energy we can see, feel or hear like sound, heat or fire. Yes some energies we feel and see or hear and see. But there are energies we can not see. In fact most of the energies we can not feel. A fe…


Every human being consists of both masculine and feminine energies; we are all 50:50. It is beneficial to draw these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us. It is essential for women to release our resistance to our own gender and start to fu…



Norman W. Wilson, PhD.

Human energy and its flow command the attention of many areas of supportive and complementary medicine. The word medicine as I use it includes all the current …

Fast Track Your Dreams With Energy Clearing

Your Past Thoughts, Emotions & Beliefs Hold You Back

Cutting Energy Cords & Attachments

Cutting the energy cords with other people in our lives sounds like it might have a negative meaning, like we’re pulling the plug on our relationships. In reality, this therapeutic practice is meant to preserve our spiritual space, so that we can nouri…

10 Ways to Protect Your Energy

Our mood can quickly change from positive to negative. Sure, we can’t change what’s out of our control or see the future, we can become mindful on how to guard our mindset by protecting our energy.

Below we’re sharing 10 ways to stay …

Shiatsu to Balance Your Internal Fire Energy

Is your summer long, happy, days lazing in the sun… or do the stresses of life leave you feeling burnt out?

Think of those summer months… a time when you can raise your face and get that delicious, tingling sensation of the sun dancing over it an…

Why Energy May Soon Be Free Thanks to Solar, Wind, Storage an...

Google and Apple both have licences to trade energy while Microsoft has been busy developing new technology

Paying for energy could soon become a thing of the past if analysts at Citi, a global investment bank, are to be believed.


The Human Energy Field and The DNA

Every human being has an energy field around their body. Some people call it the aura, or the luminous energy field, or simply the human energy field. The purpose of this article is not only to prove the existence of the human energy field, but also to…

All-Energy Healing Through Yoga and Sound

When asked about the benefits of practicing yoga, practitioners often respond that the ancient Indian discipline heals both the body and the mind. Through the class that they offer every Saturday morning, yoga instructor Cheryl Beckmann and sound thera…

Las Vegas’s City Government is Now Powered by 100% Renewable ...

Ten years of effort finally paid off for Las Vegas this week when officials announced the city government will now be powered entirely …

Bill Gates and Investors Worth $170 Billion are Launching a F...

Bill Gates is leading a more than $1 billion fund focused on fighting climate change by investing in clean energy innovation.

The Microsoft co-founder and his all-star line-up of fellow investors plan to announce tomorrow the

Healthy Remedies
Energy Saving Light Bulbs and Cancer: New Research

Many of us in the effort to save energy and money, replaced our old standard light bulbs with environmentally-friendly new generation energy saving light bulbs. However, the new generation of energy efficient light bulbs are so toxic that the U.S. Envi…

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