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Ignorance is a form of bondage

There are certain people we do not lay hands upon, we teach them until they are delivered.

Jesus in many of His teachings talks about the power of the truth.

He says in John 8:32

AKJV: And you shall know the truth, and the truth shal…

Health and Educational Tips When Preparing for College

High school can be a stressful time for teenagers and one of the most important parts of going to high school involves thinking about what comes next. For many students, they are thinking about going to college. This …

How Gaining an Education Improves Your Life

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel like you have reached the pinnacle of what you can obtain? Well, maybe it's time for you to reach higher by going back to school. Here are some ways that getting an education can improve your life.

1. Impro…

Mental Health
Why Mental Health Education in Schools is So Important?

It is common knowledge that school education is an essential part of the path towards a successful carrier. Any type of professional growth starts at school and continues throughout upcoming years to hopefully one day ensure a successful admission to a…

NASA Scientists Claim: We Are Born Geniuses but the Education...

At TEDxTucson, Dr. George Land dropped a bombshell when he told his audience about the shocking result of a creativity test develo…

Educate Your Immune System

There is so much evidence now that since our immune systems are programmed to fight pathogens, that when we create hyperclean environments with silly products such as anti-bacterial counter top cleansers and hand soaps, when washing your hands with soa…

New World Order
Ethics, Education and the Contemporary Relevance of the Samurai

In the West and the Near East the game of Chess is regarded as a war game, and its adepts as masters of strategy. In Japan, however, among the Samurai, this game was perceived as vulgar, a diversion for traders and merchants. The Samurai had a very dif…

4 benefits of bringing big data analytics into education

Businesses have been utilizing big data to improve performance for years already, so why wouldn’t academic institutions do the same thing? After all, every school and college out there generates tons of information on a daily basis and you should use i…

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