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New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!

The theme at the beginning of every new year is that of resolutions. There are so many differing views and opinions when it comes to whether people make resolutions or not. I have made many new year resolutions in the…

Bach flower therapy
Your Daily Rituals To Cope With Stress

The issue with "everyday stressors" is they appear daily. Morning traffic, mounting to-do lists, and looming deadlines are common, and possibly even expected occurrences that trigger our nervous system frequently. Stress such as this might become so re…

The Structure of the Golden Dawn and its Rituals

The organization of the Golden Dawn and the contents of both its rituals and teachings connect it to the wider phenomena of western esotericism. It was not an isolated organization created in a vacuum but part of a larger tradition of esotericism in Eu…

Candle Magic: A Witch's Guide to Spells and Rituals

Candle magic is something almost everyone has tried, even as a child - who hasnt made a wish over a birthday cake? Candle spells are among the easiest yet also the most effective to perform. They are perfect for anyone who wants to have a go at casting…

Esoteric & Occult
Ritual Pattern of the Archetypal Gate Ritual

I will be invoking all eight of the Seraphim and Cherubim over the next four weekends. The main ritual that I will be using to perform these tasks is called the Archetypal Gate Ritual in the Order. A prudent analysis of this ritual is probably necessar…

Esoteric & Occult
Wicca: Overview of practices, tools and rituals

Wiccan ritual tools are used in order to direct energy according to the witch’s wishes. Ritual tools aren’t mandatory for magick, and not all witches use them, but they can add strength to a spell or ritual – and creating your own collection of specia…

Japan's Ritual Ghosts, Monsters, Ogres and Goblins

In 2013, just after finishing his European tour of winter masquerades (Wilder Mann), Charles Fréger began a photography project exploring Japan’s masked ritual figures. Photographing sumo wrestlers (Rikishi, 2002-2003) had already made him familiar …

Celtic Mythology
Rituals Spells

Sense Ritual

Upon dealing with incredible stupidity, willful ignorance, or a deliberate lack of common sense, perform the following – strike the offender in the head with a rolled up newspaper until they go away or you feel better, whichev…