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Healthy Eating in Today's World

Growing up as an only child with working parents, I was your typical latchkey kid. I would come home from school, plop down in front of t…

New Year’s Resolutions and Why Diet Culture is a lie!


With the New Year coming up, many of us will resolve to lose weight. But why? There are very strong forces at work in our society – a phenomenon known as “diet culture.” Diet culture equates thinness with health. It prom…

How to Become a Mindful Massage Therapist

You already know about “mindfulness,” that buzz word that often appears in conversations about meditation and other strategies for fighting stress.

It may seem that given the kind of our job as massage therapists, we would have mindfulness all fi…

Mediterranean Diet Can Alleviate Major Depression, Study Proves

A 2017 research at Deakin University in Australia indicates a direct connection between a healthy diet and recovery from major depression.

A CBS New York video published this week cited the Deakin University study and another Au…

Mindful Eating
Mindful Eating for Weight Loss & Enhanced Life

Losing weight or

How to Lose Weight in a Week? Follow These Simple Rules Backe...

Let’s face it — most of the time, we eat not because we’re hungry. Instead, we turn to food in order to increase our sense of comfort. Stress, climate, the time of day — all of this affects how much we eat.

So is there a way of making our psyche …

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