Binaural Beats on YouTube (They’re Free, But Do They Work?)

Have you heard about the remarkable progress Binaural Beats can bring to your meditation? Perhaps you read how they can help with astral projection and lucid dreaming.Have you been searching around, and wondered if anything good is available for free on YouTube?I commend your frugality. But unfortunately, you’re taking the wrong approach.If you are intent on learning to reach a profound state of trance for free, you can. Indeed people have been doing this for centuries – it’s called
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February 26
Scientists at The University of Manchester have shown for the first time that if the brain is 'tuned-in' to a particular frequency, pain can be alleviated.Chronic pain — pain which lasts for more than six months — is a real problem for many people, with 20-50 % of the general population estimated to suffer from it (comprising 20% of consultations in general practice).It is a much greater problem in the elderly with 62% of the UK population over 75 year's old suffering from it. Chronic pain is
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October 20
Following the accidental explosion at SpaceX on Sept. 1, company founder Elon Musk has been relatively quiet. But an interview posted this week gives us more insight into his thoughts on one of his favorite topics: artificial intelligence. Speaking with Y Combinator president Sam Altman, Musk addressed a number of topics while seated in front of the assembly line of his other forward-looking company, Tesla. And while he's become known in recent years for being outspoken on the dangers of AI
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