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Transpersonal Psychotherapy
How are the natural elements related to the human soul?
ow are the natural elements related to the human soul?At the heart of transpersonal psychotherapy is the identification of the “soul nature” of a person. Wh...
John Volter
Psychosynthesis is a method of psychotherapy aimed at self-development and achieving unity and harmony with the Self. Psychosynthesis is a method of psychoth...
Skyler Rivera
THEOLOGYIn the modern world, discussions between theologians and scientists on the subject of angels seem to be something out of the genre of fiction. During...
Joseph Evans
Analytical Psychology
The founder of analytical psychology is the famous Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung. It focuses on understanding and integrating the underlying forces and motiv...
Kori Miller
What Islamic Theology Brings to Today's Public Health
Exploring Islam’s contribution to public health has been an astounding journey for me. Working across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia in Muslim major...
Demi Powell
Meditation Research
Ancient book on meditation to start your path
No discussion on meditation is complete without mentioning the “Vigyan Bhairava Tantra”. This is 5000 years old ancient Indian book on meditation. Vigyan mea...
Demi Powell
Psychology of Religion
Religion in the Ancient Times
Religion (from the Latin Religio, meaning 'restraint’, or Relegere, according to Cicero, meaning 'to repeat, to read again’, or, most likely, Religionem, to ...
Demi Powell
Humanistic Psychology
Fizzing Frustration to Clarity: With An Easy Run
Where is frustration prevalent for you right now? This is my client’s story (she gave me permission to share). She’s a Sales Director and we’d had a few sess...
Helen Amery
Analytical Psychology
To The Person Wrestling Anxiety: You've Got This!
This goes out to every person struggling with anxiety.To every beautiful soul on whom stress has taken its toll.To every single being who just wants to be fr...
Dawn Cady
Psychology of Religion
Recovering from Religious Trauma & Spiritual Wounds
Many experience religion and spirituality as a help to their mental health, but for others, religion is a source of psychological stress, painful memories, a...
Stacey Wright
Psychology of Religion
Strengthen your prayer with these 5 practices
During the past 30 years I have been lucky enough to take part in many spiritual traditions, including Methodist Christianity, Islamic Sufism, Zen Buddhism, ...
Demi Powell
Transpersonal Art
Creativity, Talent and Addiction
There are a number of talented and creative people that have fallen into the hell of addiction. Some of the most famous people of immense talent like Michael...
Darren Peters
God Gene
What God does to your brain
When neuroscientist Andrew Newberg scanned the brain of “Kevin”, a staunch atheist, while he was meditating, he made a fascinating discovery. “Compared with ...
Article by George Smith
Analytical Psychology
Analytical psychology approaches psychotherapy in the tradition of C. G. Jung. It is distinguished by a focus on the role of symbolic experiences in human li...
Article by George Smith
Transpersonal Psychology
Transpersonal psychology for women's health and wellness
After raising her children, Marge Kaiser, who graduated in clinical psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, returned to school at California ...
Article by George Smith
Humanistic Psychology
Historic Review of Humanistic Psychology
We are educators, doctors, nurses, human service workers, community activists, organizational development professionals, students, writers, musicians, artist...
Article by George Smith