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Archery: Indian Steel Bow

All through the ages tries different things with steel as a bow material have been made in different

nations. The Indians were the primary individuals, I accept, to have defeated the issues introduced by

steel and delivered a weapon, which,…

Let’s Talk About Archery, Witchery and Bowhunting

Any individual who has been engaged with customary bows and arrows and bowhunting can advise you there are profound feelings and sentiments encompassing each stage in the entire cycle. It could be conceivable that you saw somebody sling a few bolts, an…

Health Psychology
Boxing: From The Beginning to Present Days


Boxing is a game with an antiquated history. It was acquainted with the antiquated Olympic Games in the sev…

Sports Psychology
Why Bowling Can Positively Impact Your Health

Medical advantages of Bowling has one of the longest and most extravagant narratives, all things considered, going back around 4,000…

Bobsleigh 101


Rules You Need to Know to Play Billiards

Billiards (for this situation alluding to English Billiards) is a game that is well known in England as well as around the globe because of its prominence during the hour of the British Empire. Billiards is a signal game that is played by two players a…

Group Culture In Athletics: How To Change The Existing Structure

Building up a solid group culture is as significant in games all things considered in the corporate world. Effective game establishm…

Sports Psychology
Archery: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Do you envision yourself as a guileful bowman like Katniss Everdeen, or crafty Robin Hood? Despite the fact that these celebrated bow-wielders cause the game to appear to be simple, there's much more to terminating jolts and bolts than meets the eye, p…

Beverly Hills diet – Pros & Cons

The Beverly Hills diet is a diet invented by Judy Mazel. She thinks that weight loss can be reached by eating foods in the correct combin…

Strangers that walk among us, also known as children.

“Your children are not your children” – Kahlil Gibran

This sentence means so many different things to me but the one pertinent question that I pondered over, the one thing that led me to so many interesting facts and that also made me …

Formula 1
PaRama BodyTalk: What is it?

PaRama BodyTalk: What is it?

PaRama BodyTalk is the advanced version of the popular BodyTalk System that is being utilised by thousands of practitioners throughout the world.


From Needy Duck Butt to Girl Boss: My Belly Dance Story

Some say you find belly dance when you're in a transition.  I sure was. In 2013, I wrecked on my mountain bike and broke my wrist, so I was out of work  until I healed. At the time I was also going through a divorce and felt pretty m…

Sports Nutrition: Foods that Improve Athletic Performance

Similar to a car that runs best when fueled up with gas, your body must be loaded with the proper fuel from food to achieve peak performance. Athletes rely on the right food to fuel their best routine; without it, stamina, energy, and overall execution…

Five Ways to Protect Your Child From Harm

On the day you became a parent, you assumed the greatest responsibility of your life — to protect your child in every sense of the word. It's a big job! While there is no one way to parent, and your child's needs are always growing and changing, your i…


Greetings Core Spirit Family

As, I am very new to the world of sharing my spiritual gifts with others, I sometimes become a little overwhelmed with thoughts of “am I doing the right t…

5 Ways To Keep Your Body Safe When Cycling

Going on bike rides is one of the easiest ways to stay active and healthy. They are less strenuous than running or working out, but they still provide enough activity to get your blood flowing. But are you …

Mind & Body Intervention
Alive and Awake: 6 Mantras for Living the Dream

Walking on the beach in Costa Rica, surfboard in hand, after dropping my four kids at surf camp in a state of pure bliss, I feel so fully alive, giddy like a little kid coming out to play on a Saturday morning. I keep pinching myself, wondering, “Is th…

Mind & Body Intervention
The Lineage Transmission of Qi Gong

Rational Activities vs. Magic Power or Superstition

The Neo-Confucian and Taoist scholar Kunio Miura concluded in his research, which happens to be one of a handful of serious studies in the West on the contemporary Chinese Qi Gong practic…

Dogen Explains Zazen: Four Translations of the Fukanzazengi

The Fukanzazengi: Universally Recommended Instructions for Zazen

by Eihei Dogen

Four Translations, three printed texts, and one audio…

This fascicle was written by the great thirteenth century master Eihei Dogen…

How To Incorporate Health And Wellness Into A Marriage Proposal

When you are looking for ways to incorporate health or fitness into a marriage proposal, you need to consider what your partner loves, how you can make the proposal unique, and how you can find a good place …

Are You A Red Moon Or White Moon Cycle Kind Of Gal?

Our cycle can show us if we are carrying negative beliefs or memories around our sexuality, birth trauma, issues around our parents, or too many toxins in our system. Just like the oceans, we are influenced by the moon. In ancient cultures, there were …

Top 10 unusual Facts about Travelling around Australia

Australia is a majestic continent that has unique landscapes and natural wonders packed with extraordinary experiences for travelers. It is undoubtedly a mysterious world, and what you have seen about Austra…

Other Diets
Diet Doctor Podcast #29 – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky — Diet Doctor

And he got a little flack for this it sounds like in his medical training, which is really interesting, and we’ll get into that. But he also has specific interests in weight loss and in lipidology. And he’s not the typical low-carb person. In fact, he …

Advent of the Seventh Day: The Fish and The Poisoned Fruit

Sparing me from the apple revealed to my peers the knowledge of unearned favoritism, further poisoning my stay amongst fellow Christians. My seventh day was far from restful, filled with the anxiety of Monday. I bore the mark of a Catholic. Regardless …