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Human Spirit
Man’s Task in Love

Man must be willing to confront his sexual self. This is a momentous task since sex is the fundamental drive behind every action in existence. The energy of ...

Lance Kelly
Human Spirit

She is the indefinable essence of love, a mystery that no mind can ever solve. This ethereal quality is often referred to as woman’s intuition, which confoun...

Lance Kelly
Human Spirit
The quest for knowledge

Goodblessing in the forever advancing present, inwardly - alldimensionally. I honour the seeker within as divine wisdom in purpose. The miracle of knowle...

Че Ауаттем кïи
Human Spirit
The Decoding of the Human Spirit: A Synergy of Spirituality and Character Strengths Toward Wholeness

Little consideration has been given to the necessary connection between character qualities and otherworldliness (the quest for or communing with the consecr...

The lessons of the Buddha are regularly alluded to as the "Dharma"

The lessons of the Buddha are regularly alluded to as the “Dharma”. This word is firmly connected with _“truth”_— a fact that one can know for oneself. A...

Alexis Suarez
Human Spirit
How the Human Spirit Will Prevail: With a Little Faith and Video Calls

The Covid hasn’t forestalled love, however it has constrained us to adjust re-upholding that thought the human soul will consistently win. Children wave n...

Alexis Suarez
Human Spirit
Why Embracing Your Creativity is So Important

I believe that our creativity is essential to our well-being, but before I explain why, I would first love to share my story with you.

I always loved painti...

Kasia Patzelt
The Ethereal Relationship Between Thought-structures and Egregore

Thought-structures and Egregore In the history

At the point when we consider Egregore, the principal thought that rings a bell is to be a connected thin...

Mary Miller
Higher Consciousness
Expand your consciousness with this story

Yes. It is true. The story I am about to tell you will be probably one of THE BEST you’ll read in your life I have no doubt about that.

Also, this story wil...

Demi Powell
Human Spirit
Why it's time to be feminine in leadership

Women are starting to reclaim leadership as their rightful place as they rise to the top.

For hundreds of years women have been using masculine energies to ...

Louise Hallam
Human Spirit
Mediumship Practice

The best way to start any spiritual practice is by developing a consistent meditation practice, and becoming aware of your own energy.

As we begin to sit da...

Kyler Dalton
Human Spirit
The Condition Of Being Unloving Is Love's Demonstration That Love Is Unconditional And That Is Our Shared Being/Self...Love Is!

Perhaps the conditions placed upon love, such as any idea that appears to imply “this isn’t love” is a revelation that love is unconditional? That no matter ...

Gregory Miller
Human Spirit
What Does the Bible Say About the Human Spirit?

Receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior is a groundbreaking occasion. Be that as it may, have you ever considered what occurs straightaway?

Fortunately being ...

Lana Olley
Human Spirit


1. These two ‘concepts’ ‘The Trans-Dimensional Human’ and ‘Trans-Humanism’ represent the next potential stage in human evolution....

Candice Lemonius
Human Spirit
Anthroposophy: The Scientific Exploration of the True Nature of the Human Spirit

Anthroposophy, like Metaphysics, was originally approached as a purely philosophical study.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is best known for his application of ...

Isaac Casey
Higher Consciousness
Physics Behind the Akashic Records and Stress on the Mental Body

Can modern science help us understand what is behind an esoteric term “Akashic Records” and how it is related to what most people know as their personal memo...

Leland Peters
Dharma Rain

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Mother Rain

S 1:80

vuṭṭhi alasam analasañca

mātā puttaṃ va posat...

Demi Powell