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Spiritual Healing

There is a pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-psychiatric saying that we are to forgive and forget. Depending on your point of view, it goes back to the Bible, Shakespe…

Mark J Janssen
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A Holistic Encounter-Acupressure for a Patient

A Holistic Care Encounter

Walking into the patient room Seen in the bed, it is Mr. Swanson The bony arm rest at his side The skin on his face and body is dull…

nen huang
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Disbelief and Compassion

Many many many times the disciples of the Messiah who physically walked with him had moments of disbelief. These moments show the human condition of how fast a…

Calaen Owen Burton
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Dynamic meditation
Free Flowing Hurt

I very rarely share my adversity, but here I am. “Be still and know I am God” is what is ringing through my being as I type this out. I can know that it’s perf…

Calaen Owen Burton
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What does rewiring your brain mean?

What does rewiring your brain mean? Can you rewire your brain? When we first experience pain we just want to get out of that pain. We don’t think about anythin…

Dawn Cady
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An ancestor in the making

As we stand at the precipice of a great change in the course of our history, (what many of us hope is a course-correction) vital and exciting conversations are…

Bantu Chk
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Life Coaching
A Bad Mood Tool Box

We’re all intimately familiar with what it’s like to be in a bad mood. Sometimes there is a reason for it, other times you simply wake up on the wrong side of …

Alyssa Kelliher
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Emotional Stress Release
How to stop Overthinking?

Has Overthinking prevented you from achieving your goals and finding peace in your life?

Overthinking is overburdening ourselves with thoughts that arise fro…

Amritha Kailas
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Yoga Therapy
What is yoga therapy, Why does it transform lives and How can you benefit?

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga, that expansive, beautiful, and sometimes mysterious practice hailing from centuries of sacred tradition in its source culture of I…

Sarah Greco, C-IAYT, ERYT500
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Distance Healing

Lemuria 0

Lemuria existed on earth 280 million years ago. It is a lie that the people of Lemuria perished because of greed and ill-will. Lemuria has ascended,…

Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Your breath matters

The room was full of people, sitting, lying and a few moving around on their mats. Some were wailing, some crying, others laughing and yet others in a state of…

Dini Narayana Martinez
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Spiritual Healing
Accessing Spirituality

I have had several invitations to write here. The first invitation led to me exploring this site, not quite a year ago. Quite frankly, the delay in writing her…

John Ege
Life Coaching
For Better Health, Do What You Love!

Health and Human Design

Research shows when you feel good mentally and emotionally, this impacts your physical health too! Most of us don’t need science to te…

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN
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Distance Healing
Manifesting 101

Energy follows attention. Through thoughts, words, and actions we create our own reality, therefore we need to be careful with our words.

When you talk about …

Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
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The delusion of perpetual growth

It was not uncommon amongst certain sections of Chinese society, even into the early 20th century, to bind women’s feet. This barbaric practice was not an atte…

Steve J. Chandler
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Living Intuitively

Living intuitively is acknowledging the energetic beings’ humans are. It is also honouring how intricate our five senses are even before discussing sixth sense…

Spiritual Healing
How to Embody Light

This is an integrative writing piece from a retreat I just completed with Thomas Hübl. It’s important for me to note that this is mostly my interpretation of t…

Jaden Ramsey
Wellness Coaching
It's not what you think. And it's biting you hard right now.

It’s not what you think.

And it’s biting you hard right now.

No, I am not talking about Ernie right there at the back. He’s kinda cute.

. . . . . .


Noy Shani
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Personal Development Coaching
Are you a unique snowflake?

Ah, the unique snowflake syndrome and the “no one understands how hard it is to be me” story. It can really be curious to observe. Yet it may well be why you s…

Linda Sauve
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The topic of growth is at the forefront of most of my discussions lately. This clip resonates as I think about all the small ( and some large impactful) moment…

Amelia Lousie
Life Coaching
How to overcome Boredom?

Do you know most of us pick up bad habits and addictions during our boredom time?

A research conducted by University of Britrish columbia states that 8 out o…

Amritha Kailas
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Mayan Astrology
Galactic Activation Portal Days [2022]

Portal or GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days are the days when one or more portals in the universe are opening. This can be a bigger or smaller portal.


Demi Powell
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Sports Massage
*Why Should I Get a Massage From A Male Masseur?*

Dublin Holistic Massage believes that it’s a popular myth that 90% of customers prefer a massage from a female therapist. And to be honest I believed in that m…

Alex Bechtin
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Spiritual Healing
Book 13: Intro: The Source Behind The “Gods” We Think We Know

Author’s Note: To all the bringers/lightworkers/teachers/coaches/examiners/guardians…etc. You know who you are. Our eternal family is waiting. Some of us h…

Andalasia Anon

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