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Angel Healing
Sep 27 2022
How your guardian angel communicates with you?

When your fears and anxieties take over tell you not to do something, don’t open your heart back again, you are not good enough to do that job, when you fears take over and say you are never going to have a life like that, when your anxiety creeps in and …

Wisdom Realms
3 min.
Mindful Eating
Sep 26 2022
How I Stopped Sleep-Eating

How many sheep does one need to count before falling asleep or, in my case, how many spoons of peanut butter does one need to consume?

Anywhere from two percent to twenty-seven percent of Americans experience intense hunger in conjunction with insomnia. …

Dr. Michele S. Zirkle
1 min.
Spirit Guides
Sep 21 2022
What happen when you miss opportunities in your life?

All of those decisions that you are meant to make within your life, let’s say you say no to a certain opportunity, that opportunity will keep coming back around again and again until you are ready to take that leap and to make that choice. Well, think abo…

Wisdom Realms
6 min.
Mindfulness meditation
Sep 20 2022
How to get to yoga ?

Namaste everyone I hope you are doing all just fine and sharing the best of your knowledge and light coming through your self-journey towards yoga and meditation or any kind of other spiritual practices you follow the path.
Disclaimer: Anything written be…

Manoj Rawat ( Manu Yogi ) Manu Yoga Travel
2 min.
Sep 20 2022
Growing up I learned early on to work hard...

Growing up I learned early on to work hard, always hustle, expect struggles…and always, ALWAYS be a “good” girl.

True generational teachings that had been passed down from every generation that came before my parents, and from my parents to me.

Not such…

Afsheen Shah
1 min.
Sep 18 2022
Afterlife connection journey

Afterlife is an interesting word. The meaning is reflective of the thoughts of the person using it. First of all, in this journey there is no right or wrong way. Just self development thru understanding, which is the intuitive trigger thru the awaren…

Allayah Frisch
1 min.
Sep 18 2022
Spiritual transformative experience

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence. Finding our soul expression and grow from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey. When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met,there is an energetic exit point we have la…

Allayah Frisch
2 min.
Spiritual Healing
Sep 16 2022
Why Your Inner Circle Is Important and How to Keep It Positive

You are the five people you spend the most time with.
You are the books you read and the movies you watch.
You are what you eat and how often you move your body.
You are your thoughts and your emotions.
All of these things shape who you are, how you show …

Mihaela Gordan
2 min.
Sep 13 2022
When the Body Suddenly Remembers What the Mind Has Long Forgotten..or Buried.

The tears started to well up the minute I finished my mascara. Shit. Now?! This mascara isn’t even waterproof was my first thought. But the more I tried to hold them in, the more they started to spill. Before I knew it..the dam that I had kept closed fo…

Afsheen Shah
1 min.
Raw Food Diet
Sep 10 2022
How to Start with Raw Food Diet?

It’s important to understand that while it is possible to live fully raw, this is not entirely necessary. The good news is that you don’t have to be a 100% raw vegan 100% of the time. You can enjoy its benefits even if it’s just for one day!

There are ma…

2 min.
Life Coaching
Sep 8 2022

Humans are beings of habits and routines. We get used to whatever environment we are living in. Moreover, we become more prone to the things we do every day. However, we need to be more conscious of what habits we attain over time. We never know when we g…

huda tufail
14 min.
Spiritual Coaching
Sep 6 2022
The Power of our Decisions.

Decisions, it’s something we talk about very often. Enough importance has been given in how to make a decision. Perhaps we do not always analyze that every decision we make has a consequence, brings with it a consequence, whether good or bad. In our educa…

Mentor Noel
2 min.
Sep 6 2022
The Real Reason You May Be Feeling Burnt Out..

I used to think that in order to have a purposeful and meaningful life, I would have to quit my job, leave the corporate world, find a new and more “spiritually satisfying “ career and of course..move to Austin.

And I almost did exactly that.

I was burn…

Afsheen Shah
3 min.
Spiritual Coaching
Sep 4 2022
Healing is a soul searching journey

Healing is a soul searching journey that can have you try many many things to heal and ascend.

When we aren’t doing too well we go on a quest.
We go to doctors or psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, social workers, an astrologer or two.
We get philosophical,…

Dawn Cady
4 min.
Sep 2 2022
The Modern Man

The Modern Man
An evolutionary perspective. A path from the modern boy to become the modern man.

At the start, I would like to mention that this is just an opinion , opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. I would also like to add I am a boy who…

Fringe Space
3 min.
Aug 30 2022
Chronic Illness Taught me to Trust Myself and My Body

Frivolous. Excessive. Ridiculous. Over the top. Those are some of the words I’ve heard being used to describe my spending habits when it comes to health and wellness.

I have always splurged on health and wellness. A lot. Fitness was probably my first “ad…

Afsheen Shah
3 min.
Yoga Therapy
Aug 16 2022
Training for Pregnancy: How to Prep Your Body for Having a Baby

What’s Inside?

Why Prenatal Yoga?
Who Should and Should not Attend Prenatal Yoga TTC
How To Prep Pregnant Women for Prenatal Yoga TTC
Asanas to Practice in Prenatal Yoga TTC
Prenatal Yoga TTC at Arhanta Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is trending now. Unlike olde…

Martin Walker
1 min.
Aug 14 2022
5 Signs in Your Palm that You will be Cheated by Your Lover

Heart Line Likes Ladder
If you have the heart line that likes the ladder, it means that as you lack your own opinion in your love affairs and do not know how to choose your own partner, you will easily meet the one who cheats you. In addition, you are no…

Janet Li
1 min.
Personal Development Coaching
Aug 10 2022
Do THIS for your health & aesthetics.

The non flashy, simple things are actually the things that we can leverage for some of the biggest changes for our health, fitness and aesthetics.

For most of our history, walking has been the primary means of getting from once place to another. But it w…

Paco Chávez
1 min.
Spirit Guides
Aug 9 2022
The importance of the decisions in your life

Your spirit guide leads you to things, presents opportunities, but your spirit guide doesn’t make decisions for you that is what is so important. Nothing in life is predetermined. Your spirit guide knows who you are supposed to meet, what you are meant to…

Wisdom Realms
2 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Aug 3 2022
Stress relation with you hair

STRESS CAN DO A NUMBER on your body — and that remembers the hairs for your head. Stress discharges chemicals that influence hair pigmentation, turning your tasty locks dim or white. It can likewise make your hair drop out, setting off hair follicles to e…

myra maqsood
2 min.
Aug 3 2022
How to reduce stress

Swimming is among the most ideal ways to ease pressure while strolling could clear a psychological barrier, authorities on the matter agree.

Television character and GP Dr Zoe Williams has prescribed developments you can attempt to assist with working on…

myra maqsood
21 min.
Distance Healing
Jul 31 2022
Scientific Validity of Distance Healing and Perceived Efficacy of Acutonics Methodology through Anecdotal Discussion

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made social distancing and healing methods all the more important, and in need of validation and promotion, this article attempts to bring some level of scientific validity to distance healing. A review of peer reviewed resea…

Theresa Ceruti
2 min.
Mind Control
Jul 31 2022
How you get into water, does it reflect your approach to life?


I’m curious.

Do you dip your toe, or dive straight in**?

Whether it’s a pool, the sea or a lake, how you get in the water to swim, may have vast similarities to how you approach life.

Are you a toe di…

Josie Truelove

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