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Red Light Therapy
A Controlled Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Red and Near-Infrared Light Treatment


Objective: The motivation behind this examination was to explore the wellbeing and adequacy of two novel light hotspots for huge territory and f...

Skyler Rivera
The Weird Future of the Exocortex

You’ve presumably heard the expression “to think outside about the crate”, yet what might be said about thinking outside about your genuine cerebrum? It mi...

Alexis Suarez
Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy

Red light treatment (RLT) intends to address skin issues by utilizing low frequency red light. Numerous specialists accept that it can assist with issues, fo...

Lana Olley
Exocortex (Your Brain On Internet)


The thing exocortex is made out of the Greek-determined prefix exo-, which means outside or outside, and the Latin thing cortex, which initia...

Alex Jones
New Diet Backed by Science

Based on more or less scientific foundations, the new died dubbed “Biohacking” claims you can change the way your body works through long periods of fasting....

Demi Powell
Genetic Engineering
Can we change DNA through Mind Control?

A study finds meditating cancer patients are able to affect the makeup of their DNA.

“I think, therefore I am” is perhaps the most familiar one-liner in wes...

Demi Powell
What's coming after virtual reality?

In 1999, The Matrix introduced your neighbor, your dad, and pretty much every hacky-sacking college kid in the country to the idea that the real world around...

Demi Powell
Gene Therapy
This gene therapy can help fight cancer

The non-viral, bio-inspired gene delivery method developed by researchers at RMIT University has proven effective in laboratory tests and is safer than stand...

Demi Powell
Songbird brain provides insight into human behavior

A research from UT Southwestern’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute shows a bird’s tune can be changed – to the syllable – by activating and deactivating a...

Sheila Rose
Quantum Hotline: Information 'Teleported' Across Cities

They’re teleporting through the streets. Physicists have teleported quantum information across the cities of Hefei, China and Calgary, Canada.

While quantum...

Sheila Rose
Friction between management and employees exacerbates insider threat

In recent years, we’ve seen some of the biggest companies in the world fall victim to data breaches.

But with much of the discussion being focused, to date,...

Demi Powell
Tool offers avenue for healing mental illness

Neurofeedback, a process of healing the brain through using its own signals, is gaining traction in the treatment of mental illness.

Treatment using the cut...

Ted Manning
Data Science Book: Profit Driven Business Analytics

Verbeke, Baesens and Bravo have written a data science book focusing on profit. Instead of the typical statistical or programming point of view, Profit Drive...

Demi Powell
Bioprinting Is One Step Closer to Making a Human Kidney

Bioprinting has been all over the news in the past several years with headline-worthy breakthroughs like printed,, and even a fully functional.

3D printing ...

Heidi Gross
Gene Therapy
Welcome to Gene Therapy Net

is the web resource for patients and professionals interested in gene therapy . The objectives of Gene Therapy Net are to be the information resource for bas...

Demi Powell
Gene Therapy
Cuddly Koala Genomics : Free Association

Rebecca Johnson

The genome assembly of the koala is reported in a paper published online in Nature Genetics. This high quality genome represents the most co...

Demi Powell