Divinations: Tassomancy

Contents show]Table of ContentsIntroductionTasseomancy, also known as Tasseography, is the art of reading tea leaves. While the term also includes the use of wine sediments and coffee grounds, these other materials have since separated into their own type of divinatory art. While it is certainly common to find any of the three used, as beginners you will be working primarily with, and learning about, the uses of the tea.The significance of the ubiquitous, cross cultural and historical

What Is Known About Slavic Mythology

Unlike some creatures of ancient Slavic demonology, like vampires and strigoi, which went on to earn a good deal of worldwide notoriety and even became part of popular culture, Slavic mythology remains to a large extent a terra incognita.But the awe-inspiring names of Perun, Veles, Svantevit, and Triglav testify to a much larger (if also largely forgotten) realm of Slavic myth and religion. Unfortunately our pagan ancestors left almost no traces of their religion, rituals, and myths. We have no
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Historical Facts about the Baptism of Poland

Introduction of Christianity, painting by Jan Matejko from 1889. Mieszko I is on the right leaning against the cross with the sword in his hand; on thsmall , Historical Facts about the Baptism of Poland , Introduction of Christianity, painting by Jan Matejko from 1889. Mieszko I is on the right leaning against the cross with the sword in his hand; on th , chrzest_polski_-_zaprowadzenie_chrzescijanstwa_z_cyklu_dzieje_cywilizacji_w_polsce_0_0.jpgThe introduction of Christianity to Poland is
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What is Hellenistic Astrology?

Where does Hellenistic astrology come from? Hellenistic astrology got its name from the region and period in which it was practiced - Hellenistic Egypt during the Hellenistic Period. It is believed that the practice of it began some time in the 3rd
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Odin the Initiator — A Deeply Personal Perspective

The following is essentially a personal narrative of my spiritual quest leading to my involvement with Odin on a variety of levels and of various aspects. It is therefore highly subjective and perhaps biased in places. A version of this article has been published in “Idunna”, the magazine of the Ring of Troth, U.S., at the request of Diana Paxson its editor, and I thought that it may make a quite nice addition to my website.To quickly recap on my personal history. After an horrendous childhood
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How To Connect With Your Higher Self. The Basics

We all have different thoughts in our head and we experience various feelings from time to time. When we do it consciously while being guided by our own higher self, things happen flawlessly and the results bring a lot of joy. When we don’t listen to what our higher self is trying to tell us, things can get really rough. How can you tell if a certain thought or sensation is coming from your higher self? How do you connect with your higher self and is there a visual model that can vividly
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How Living with an Open Heart Creates Hope

When I read James Doty’s New York Times bestseller, Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain, I was thoroughly enchanted. His story inspired me to believe that my future could be brighter than I can currently imagine.Doty is a medical doctor and a clinical professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University, and also the founder and director of The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). His work and accomplishments in this field
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The Beginnings of Modern Philosophy

Things began to get better: economy improved; there was a return to building cathedrals, universities, cities...; a return to “luxuries” - paper, plays, music...; a return to invention - the compass, printing...; a return to exploration - Africa, the New World, the Pacific.... It was the renaissance, which we date (roughly!) from 1400 to 1600 or so. They were vigorous times, interesting times, dangerous times!The aristocracy had won the day over the fledgling monarchies and even the church’s
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8 quotes to inspire you to reach your goals for the new year

Head into 2019 with some wise and witty advice.2018 was quite the year. As we begin to look to the present, let's turn to some inspiring words to give us renewed energy, cheer and peace of mind. Luckily, plenty of men and women have come up with strong and, better yet, pithy words of wisdom to help us through 2019.From world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein, to Israeli-American economist Dan Ariely, to American poet Robert Frost, to American businesswoman Mary Kay Ash, plenty of people feel
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5 Most Popular Tales From Slavic Mythology

Unfortunately, Slavic mythology originated in the days when writing was not a norm, and because of this it has never been recorded officially by Slavs but rather by Christian Chroniclers. Lucky for us it is possible to restore some of the ancient legends thanks to oral folklore, rituals, folk beliefs and such notes made by ancient chroniclers.The myth of the creation of the world by RodFirst there was nothing but chaos, everything was one. Then the ancient god Rod came down to earth in a golden
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