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Native American Mythology
Native Americans used to Acknowledge 5 Genders

It wasn’t until Europeans took over North America that natives adopted the ideas of.

For, there was no set of rules that men and women had to abide by in or...

Demi Powell
Native American Mythology
Hopi Prophecy and the End of the Fourth World

More than any other tribe in North America, the Hopi Indians have developed according to the dictates and demands of what may be called a legacy of prophecy....

Sophie Becker
Native American Mythology
Hopi: The Snake Myth

At Tokóonavi, north of the Grand Canyon, lived people who were then not yet Snake people. They lived close to the bank of the river. The chief’s son often po...

Sophie Becker
Native American Mythology
Archaeologists discover a 1000-year-old mummy in Peru

A team from the Université libre de Bruxelles’s center for archaeological research (CReA-Patrimoine) has completed a significant excavation in Pachacamac, Pe...

Mary Henderson
Native American Mythology
The Virgin of Guadalupe: 10 Fascinating Facts

Mexicans will tell you that they’re 90 percent Catholic but 100 percent Guadalupan. While the numbers aren’t entirely accurate, it is definitely the case tha...

Rudy Bryant
Native American Mythology
Archaeologists Discovered ‘Lost City’ Deep In The Jungles of Honduras!

Archaeologists searching for a lost city in the jungles of Honduras have discovered the urban remains of what they believe is a vanished ancient civilization...

Jerome Patton
Native American Mythology
An Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest

ost of the important archaeological sites in Central America were “discovered” by archaeologists who, in fact, didn’t discover them at all but were led to th...

Jerome Patton
Native American Mythology
These Ancient Legends Are Proven True by Science

Who doesn’t love a good story? When the world is in a bit of a state, it’s good to retreat to the comforting fiction of books, movies, and video games. It’s ...

Javier Bush
Native American Mythology
The African Presence in Ancient America: Mandinka Moors Beat Columbus to the New World

In 1969, Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian adventurer crossed the Atlantic ocean from the North African port of Safi, arriving in Barbados, West Indies. His craft ...

Gertrude Ward
Native American Mythology
Native American Myths

Many Native American myths could equally be called folktales: they seem to be about ordinary people, not gods. However, the Native American attitude is that ...

Shannon Ballard
Native American Mythology
Navajo Skinwalker Legend

The Navajo skinwalker legend is one of the more complex and terrifying stories, steeped in mystery and evil intent.

Many Navajos believe firmly in the exist...

Arlene Reese
Native American Mythology
The Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Also called the Muscogee, the Creek were made up of several separate tribes that occupied Georgia and Alabama in the American Colonial Period. Their confeder...

Edwin Simpson
Native American Mythology
Native Americans: The Legend of the No Face Doll

The Haudenosaunee people respect what they call the sustainers of life, the Three Sisters - Corn, Beans and Squash. The Corn Spirit was so thrilled to be one...

Cindy Gregory
Native American Mythology
Abenaki Indian Corn Legend

A long time ago, when the Indians were first made, one man lived alone, far from any others. He did not know fire, and so he lived on roots, bark, and nuts. ...

Maxine Delgado
Native American Mythology
Creation Story And The Importance Of Dreaming An Abenaki Legend

The Great Spirit, in a time not known to us looked about and saw nothing. No colors, no beauty. Time was silent in darkness. There was no sound. Nothing coul...

Maxine Delgado
Native American Mythology
Choctaw Medicine

Medicine made from plants and roots by Choctaws of long ago

In centuries past, Choctaws used plants and roots for many of their medicinal needs. Roots were ...

Claire Guzman